Thursday, August 06, 2009

Patrick Swayze: Still smokin'

Patrick Swayze is gaining weight, looking better and in fight against pancreatic cancer. Yet, he's photographed outside a smoke shop, still smoking cigarettes. Says an expert: "Here's a news flash for you, Pat: Cigarettes cause cancer. QUIT SMOKING!!!"


Anonymous said...

Please leave the man alone, for God's sake. Who knows what he is going through, and if this one vice brings the guy some comfort, why should you care? It's not like he's doing anti-smoking ads and then sneaking them. Let him be.

KickurAss said...

Like Eddie Van Halen and Brad Pitt. They are SLAVES to cigarettes. I quit because I didn't like the TRUTH that I was a slave to that habit. Think about it. So many triggers that make you light up. Do you really know WHO you are? A weak slave. Man up. Kick the habit. Yes its very hard. So get to it. I used the patch. Good luck.

Nikki said...

I want to say yo "KickurAss" well thats great for you. You I am sure are living your life as you choose, how's about letting Patrick do the same, you sure aren't paying for his smokes, and I am pretty sure he is well aware of all the adds out there about cigs. I think he has the right to live his life as he wants. If smoking brings him pleasure than let him be, he brought awhole lot of pleasure to alot of folks, I adore him and my heart goes out to his wife, I have a real good idea of what she is going through as my husband is fighting for his life as well he has leukemia, and yes he still smokes, not very much as he sleeps more than he does anything else as his counts are so low. My heart breaks for her, I know the horrible feeling of fear of loosing the one you so love, we don't have children either as I too had cancer as a result we were never able to have children, I hate this disease with my entire being. God Bless You Patrick, terriffic to see you looking so great!

Mother of the year said...

Nikki, I agree with you, leave Patrick alone. So what he smokes? He's not hurting anyone but himself. Going through what he is, it's a wonder he's not drinking & doing drugs.

Sorry about your hubby. What type of leukemia?

Nikki said...

Thank-you "Mother of the Year" I so appreciate your kind words and they couldn't have come at a better time. He has leukemia with excesive blastocytes. I appologize for my spelling. They were suppossed to try a bonemarrow now they say can't be done, and that if he even catches a cold odds are he needs to prepare himself for palative care. Its so damn mean, they know I am not in good health but God knows if theres any way humanly possible he will stay here at home, its where he wants to be and where he belongs, I refuse to give up but wow I must admit I have never in my entire life been so frightened. I appologize for the long reply you asked for the name and here I go and bug you something fierce please forgive me and again thank-you so much for your kindness! God Bless!

Mother of the year said...

Nikki - see This page - there is a way to save the copy they have posted so that you can print it. You have to google PDF readers, anything that is not adobe should allow printing.

Bone Marrow is not a good cure these days, there is more hope with stem cells. With bone marrow there is a 1 in 3 chance of survival. The odds are not good.


Nikki said...

"Moher of the Year" you are one very kind and caring lady I can't thank-you enough,its just the 2 of us and our cat, we trully love one another and neither of us can imagine a life without the other. By the way they refused to even give him a bonemarrow, they said he is too old. If you are over 30now forget it they had the nerve to tell him to think about Palative Care as they know I am ill and had the agasity to assume he would just go in there, well its not gonna happen, for one thing we found this alternative its called uppercervical chiropractic service. The dr is so kind, he cares and he is gonna really help us both, he promised me he'd get me walking again, if he does that, I'll really be a better help to my hubby as it is we aren't even able to get a quart of milk as neither of us can go the 3bks each way. Also he is putting us both on special diets he promises he will do everything in his power to save him. I also believe in the power of prayer, God knows just how badly I need and love this man, so I have hope I will never give up on him, you are one sweet lady not only are you mother of the year I believe perhaps you also are Heaven Sent, thank-you so much for writing to me you trully do make my day. My appologies I was long in replying I am getting ready for bed now but today was a really long day as we had to go and hear all the crap the wanted to feed us I will check the site God Bless You for your kindness. You take good care of you and your's!

Mother of the year said...

Nikki, I know all too well about bone marrow. I know a girl in her 20's that did it, she was lucky to survive. Good doctors will be honest with you & tell you how grim it is. Stem cells are the cure of the future. I also feel that for people with chronic pain, one day we will be cured with that.

My heart goes out to you. I'm so sick of cancer.

I should have mentioned more about the link I left.. sorry. I found it online; and anyone that has been diagnosed should print & fill it out so that they have a say in their own care. It is legal in most states. I know you don't want to think like that but the reality is none of us know when our time is up.

Hang in there.

Nikki said...

"Mother of the year" I appreciate your kindness its so great to know there are still people like you out there, its ironic as just yesterday when we were at the drs office he talked with us about this very thing and he also brought out the forms for the both of us so we didn't have to worry about those things as well. He appologized but in our case we are also real familiar with the disease and God knows I hate it so! I had ovarian cancer and was very Blessed as I survived it and I did all the things the drs say one ought not, I refused the chemo he gave me approx 6 months if I was lucky he said, well the terrible thing was I have never been able to have kids and I adore them. I used to drive semi I believe I loved it so very much because I was always travelling meeting new people. I have raised a couple of children for a few years then their mom came back and I dearly loved them. I almost didn't marry as I felt he deserved kids and I knew I couldn't give him any he never budged in fact he said he loved me all the more cause I was willing to not marry him and we have trully been very happy. All our friends have always said if one of us were to go the other would follow quickly as we love each other so much, he is having a real rough time as he needs platelets and they said they didn't have any so its tough now hopefully God willing he will get some on Monday. To add insult to injury I suffer from bonecancer so between the two of us we are a pair to draw to. I feel very Blessed to be so loved and I have lived alot longer than I was suppossed to so I suppose life is good in an odd sort of way, as long as I don't see my honey hurtin too bad all is well. I also feel trully Blessed that a kind lady like you takes the time to write to me as you have, as many times as you have even kind enough to think to tell me of the link, and Bless You I will forever be grateful to you thank-you from the bottom of my heart! I do understand if you don't write again as I likely just kind of shocked you telling you my problems as well, I hope I didn't but anyhow no matter what I wish you well always. Incase you do have a sec and write again I was curious how many wonderful babies do you have? Oh and I have no doubt at all that you are indeed "Mother of the year" more likely it best mother ever as you have a gigantic heart, again thanks so very much! Huge hugsxo

Mother of the year said...

Nikki, I had a comment written oyt the other day and some how lost it :( Haven't had a chance to come back & reply.

Reading about your ovarian cancer brought tears to my eyes.

I also know about waiting for platelets. I know how much of a shortage there is. I wish more people would donate.

I can't believe the cards you've both been dealt. I hope you both have good doctors? Have they looked into stem cells for both of you? With your hubby, was he around chemicals? There is a type of leukemia from benzene. Mechanics, auto body & house painters are more prone to it. I know of one lawsuit for it.

I have 3 kids, 2 adults, one a teen; it's with my teen that I chose this name. lol I was going to blog about being a mother to this child but haven't yet. This is my toughest kid. lol

Try to hang in there.