Sunday, August 30, 2009

No fluke: Canceled Cristina's Court wins second Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Courtroom Program

Cristina's Court has won the Emmy award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program for the second year in a row.

The show starring Cristina Perez and produced by (tabloid) television legend Peter Brennan picked up the statuette last night at a ceremony at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

Cristina's Court stunned the television world when it picked up the first-ever Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program a year ago. That win was the biggest news to come from last year's Emmy Awards, because it was the first court show Emmy, and generally assumed to have been created in order to give Judge Judy a prize.

Last night's announcement proved that Cristina's Court's first Courtroom Program Emmy was no fluke. The win was suspected a few weeks ago when the Emmy producers decided-- after the votes were counted-- to remove the popular category from tonight's televised awards show and stick it with the the technical awards that were handed out hours ago.

The second Emmy does come with bittersweet cheer. The Fox Television Stations Group canceled Cristina's Court in February to make room for a court show featuring Republican politician Jeanine Pirro, which had been running to lower ratings on Fox's CW Daytime lineup. Republican adviser and Fox News president Roger Ailes is also chairman of the Fox Stations Group.

Cristina's executive producer Peter Brennan, who created the tabloid television genre with A Current Affair, was the original producer of Judge Judy.


lilkunta said...

So has fox commented? Has it come to its senses & resurrected Cristina's court?

I hope every year Judge Judy NEVER wins the emmmy.

fox trading better 1.1mill viewers Cristina's court for lower raintg 600,000 viewers JP was STUPID. They also sold Tyra show to cw, now that is very stupid. Tyra gets sold raings!

Fox aint thinking! Which doesnt suprised me given that they still emply Glenn Beck. ED Hill was gone after her stupid 'terrorist fist jab' commebt bu beck is still on.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Cristina's Court. Can't you find another time spot for it? She seemed more real. Also a fan of Jeane Pirro. But is there not room for both.

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