Sunday, August 30, 2009

Exclusive photos! Cristina's Court wins second Emmy in a row! Best Courtroom Program! Canceled????!!!!

Sandra Gin

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lilkunta said...

woah. The man in the 4th pic looks a bit lke Pres Obama.

So has fox commented? Has it come to its senses & resurrected Cristina's court?

I hope every year Judge Judy NEVER wins the emmmy.

fox trading 1.1mill viewer getting Cristina's court for lower rated 600,000 viewers JP was STUPID. They also sold Tyra show to cw, now that is very stupid. Tyra gets sold raings!

Fox aint thinking! Which doesnt suprised me given that they still emply Glenn Beck. ED Hill was gone after her stupid 'terrorist fist jab' comment but beck is still on.