Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Steve Friess emails; calls us a "silly goose"

Ever wonder what an email from a New York Times writer looks like?

There's one example above. Las Vegas writer, Gay Vegas author, “Michael Jackson’s untimely death was the best thing that could ever have happened to Michael Jackson’s music show” producer, Danny Gans coverup operative and New York Times' Las Vegas stringer Steve Friess (right) has blocked our access to his email account (we've asked him too many times for an interview to explain his various conflicts of interest, but he occasionally sends us taunting emails like this one, which apparently refers to our report on yesterday's pharmacy raid in Las Vegas.

We apologize to you, readers, for the obscenity, but publish it in the interest of accuracy:

"A loyal reader just sent me the screenshot of your post linking the two pharmacies. I guess you fucked up that, too. Not surprised! Can't wait for the next big-ass correction!

"I've been told you've been especially sensitive to Gans' lawyer's letter, are a total suck-up now. See? I don't spend my time discrediting you. You do it quite well on your own. Of course, you never had any credibility in the first place, so I guess there wasn't much too lose.

" :-( "

We responded through the censored comments page on Friess's blogsite that we were quite sensitive to a letter from Danny Gans family attorney, and more than happy to correct or retract a story in the name of accuracy.

INSTANT UPDATE: While we were preparing this post, one of our staffers sent us a rejoinder from Mr. Friess, who's flown off the handle again:

"You go "overboard" to get it right???? Really??? That's why you didn't even call the Alabama facility? Oh, I know. Such stodgy old-world journalism tactics. What "overboard" could you possibly have gone to get that wrong in the first place and then, as I understand it, change your headline rather than make a public correction? I guess you didn't have a lawyer forcing ya this time, huh? Man, that had to HURT. I'm just sorry my blog post alerted you to your mistakes. If I had known, I might've let you twist a while longer until someone else forced you to publicly apologize again. Rats!

"Hey! Here's a new tagline for you! Tabloid Baby: Discredited Every Day But Keeps Makin' It Up!

"P.S. You know you can email me, you silly goose! All you have to do is send from another email address, and you've done so several times, so I guess that whine was a lie, too, as usual. I just hit delete before I open them and take a great deal of pleasure in knowing I've wasted your time. I do the same on the blog, except that just now, knowing you'd been defeated, I thought it would be fun to read one of your notes and see what stupidity you would muster up. How marvelous to hear you defend your reporting practices!!! You have no sense of shame OR irony, do you?"

Silly goose?

It seems we've gotten Steve's goose. Anyway, translations please. Discredited? What is this guy talking about?

And unlike Steve, we'll post your comments!


All Bastards Must Pay said...

You have either found the gayest man on the planet


You struck a nerve

As ‘Ole Bill Shakespeare would say dear Steve

“Methinks thou doth protest too much”

Another TB Target said...

Given the way you treat him, I'd say he let you off easy. Seems from those emails that he's having a great deal of fun at your expense. Not surprised you don't get that, given your track record.

A Steve Friess FAN said...

Let me get this straight (pardon the pun): Steve discredited you and you're PROUD of this? Wow. You're even nuttier than I thought.