Thursday, August 20, 2009

Frank Caliendo may be the new Danny Gans

Frank Caliendo is the latest talent to be hired as a resident headliner on the Las Vegas Strip. The impressionist will debut at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino on October 10th. He'll share a theatre with Lance Burton and supposedly signed a 10-year contract.

You might know Frank from the NFL Sunday show on Fox where he impersonates John Madden. We know him as the fat guy from MADtv who does Al Pacino, Jay Leno and Bill Clinton and who unfortunately always looks like a fat guy doing Al Pacino, Jay Leno and Bill Clinton. But we're certain he has a fast-paced, entertaining show, and if he adds some musical impressions, he could be the new... well, who knows?

(Coincidentally, Caliendo insists he'd been negotiating a Vegas show even before Danny Gans died on May 1st. His chances got better when Gans moved from the Mirage to the Wynn in February, because, like the Mirage, the Monte Carlo is owned by MGM, and Gans' contract with the MGM Mirage contained a clause that prohibited MGM from hiring another impressionist for any of its nine Las Vegas properties.)

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