Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exclusive! Comedy legend Chris Bearde opens comedy school!

Comedy genius Chris Bearde, the man who arrived from Australia to write Laugh-In, Elvis' 1968 special, create The Gong Show, direct a movie starring The Hudson Brothers (well, nobody's perfect), and most recently stand out as the lone and brave political comedian dishing out dozens of one liners and laughs at conservatives' expese day after day at the essential Beardes's Eye View site, announced minutes ago that he is accepting students at the until-now legendarily rumoured Chris Bearde School of Comedy.

Chris writes on Facebook:

"The Comedy School that rocks!! The School was started in Las Vegas. It's a six weeks course open to anyone with a sense of humor. At the end of the course the students get to perform on a live stage in front of a large audience.

"We are starting the school soon in LA and will be looking for students. Some of our initial students have already appeared in movies and television shows. Call us at 310.598.6345. and ask for Carolyn. Come to our offices in Santa Monica and talk... if you're a funny person you get to enroll... however we don't like people who condone torture or Sarah Palin...."


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