Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Popbitch joins us, asking: Who Killed Sonny Bono?

Who killed Sonny Bono?

Tabloid Baby has been asking the question for close to a decade ( click here and hit “columns” for “Conspiracy Corner"), from the time our original book promotion site hit the Internet by storm with exclusive video of John-John Kennedy attacking the paparazzi and Princess Diana running over tabloid producer Jim Sheehan (click here for “Pix & Flix”).

And this evening, Popbitch, the irresponsible, indispensable, hilarious, ahead-of-the-curve and politically-connected gossip email newsletter, includes in its weekly report-- tucked between Mick Jagger’s freakishly tall, surgically-scarred galpal and Nigella Lawson seen shopping at Selfridges with “bird shit on her arse”—this item:

Conspiracy theory corner
What to worry about after Diana

There's a weird new theory that Sonny Bono didn't die in an accident, he was assassinated. Some FBI agent reckon drug and gun runners killed him on the ski slopes, through a staged ski accident. One investigator said that he sent Bono evidence that top US government officials were linked to arms and weapons dealers. Less than a month later, Bono was dead.

Every time we’ve brought up the theory, people have laughed— “He was Sonny Bono, a fool, killed by a tree, yuk yuk”— and that would make the deed all the simpler to cover up: the death of a US Congressman and top GOP fundraiser, Scientology droput, defender of the Salton Sea and enemy of drug traffickers dying within a week of a Kennedy's death on the slopes (name another time a celebrity died in a ski accident— even Spider Sabich died of a gunshot to the nuts). In January, Tabloid Baby pal and contributor Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D. took up the case and concluded:

“Overall, I would assign this particular conspiracy theory a coefficient of credibility of 50%, that is, a 50-50 chance that Sonny Bono indeed was murdered.”

Now, it seems, someone has picked up on our reopening of the case in January and the theory has kicked up the UK.

Stay tuned.

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