Friday, April 18, 2008

Harvey Levin & his TMZ bumboys pile on a woman

We’d promised to get back to you on the issue of “the malodorous, foul… smell of feet, freed of socks, being licked”... over at the already-smelly corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com. The feet being licked, of course, belong to the powerful Hollywood establishment, while the person being stepped on by shaved bronzed midget frontman Harvey Levin and his American Apparel ad boys (who on the TMZ website are advertising tonight’s installment of its inconsequential whitewashed syndicated version as “A-Hole, Butts & Foot-Longs”-- no kidding-- click here to see for yourself), is a young woman who's going up against that very machine.

This week, as Harvey and the other boy bullies who hide behind the “TMZ Staff” (pun intended, we’re sure) byline proved they were not so cocksure as to mock the death of the father of Cameron Diaz, the star actress whose career is backed by powerful movie studio and public relations firms, the gang showed what cowards they really are and how little they know of basic tabloid precepts, by pouncing on the reputation of Jessica Gibson, a civilian who’s suing the powerful Santa Barbara celebrity Rob Lowe, for sexual harassment. And who is, in the court of law, an alleged victim.

Last week, more experienced journos (with a knowledge of Hollywood history) cast a skeptical and even cynical eye on Rob’s decision to use the Huffington Post to launch an O’Reillyesque pre-emptive strike on the impending lawsuit by claiming that he was about to be blackmailed by a former employee.

By this time, Lowe and his powerful publicists already had at least one small carbuncle of the Hollywood press in their pocket, ready, like a sniveling Sidney Falco (look it up) with a pack of phony "sources" and a bucket of slime for the alleged victim:

What follows is a selection from TMZ posts of the last week or so. Put on your gloves at TMZ and wade through the rest yourself:

April 7th
Rob Low: The Bitch Set Me Up!
Rob Lowe says he's about to be blackmailed by a former employee -- and he's not taking it lying down.

Lowe claims that a woman who worked for him for seven years just demanded $1.5 million in hush money, otherwise she's going to accuse him of what he calls "false terribles”…

April 11th
Rob Lowe Ex-Nanny Wants to Clean Up
One of the ex-employees making wild allegations against Rob Lowe and his wife has money on the brain.

Sources tell TMZ that Jessica Gibson, a former nanny of Lowe's who claims she had an affair with him, has lawyered up, and her mouthpiece has been in touch with Rob's peeps, demanding this and that -- in particular, money for OT, meals and vacation…. 

BTdubs, we're told if this gets ugly, some of the people who have been "involved" with Gibson in the past are willing to talk, and it ain't pretty.

April 15th
Lowe's Accuser Just Couldn't Get Enough Rob
The former nanny who has just sued Rob Lowe for copping feels has "issues"…

Lowe's Employees Say They've Never Met Lil' Rob
Two current employees of Rob Lowe have placed themselves firmly in the Lowes' corner, claiming they never witnessed any of the inappropriate behavior alleged by the family's former nanny...

April 16th
Rob Lowe's Accuser -- People Pleaser
So what do you do after you tell the world that your ex-boss allegedly asked you to touch his penis -- why, you do a photo shoot with People magazine of course! Sources tell TMZ Rob Lowe's former nanny Jessica Gibson blabbed to her pals back home that she did a photo shoot for this week's People. She's ready for her close-up! 

Most plaintiffs do that, right?

Lowe's Accuser is a Flirting Machine!
Sources connected to the Rob Lowe case tell TMZ, one of Lowe's accusers privately told folks there was mutual flirting going on between her and Rob, but she never mentioned sexual harassment.

Sources say while Jessica Gibson, Lowe's former nanny, worked at a Santa Barbara doctor's office, she complained all right, but only about money...
Her friends have two words for her that repeatedly come up -- party girl! And we hear she just loves herself some older men…



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