Wednesday, April 09, 2008

NCAA champs make Basketball Man a slam dunk

Thanks to March Madness and the finales to the NCAA basketball championship series, this must be a banner week for Double Dog Productions, the guys who paid our pals at Frozen Pictures to produce Basketball Man, the monumental nonfiction film about the game’s founder Dr. James Naismith, his crusading grandson Ian and the state of the game today.

Both Bill Self, who coached the University of Kansas Jayhawks to an NCAA title Monday, and Pat Head Summitt, coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, who took the women's title last night, are featured in the documentary.

Along with Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash, Oscar Robinson, Bob Cousy, John Wooden, and in his final interview, Red Aeurbach. Among others.

If they’d pulled up a car at the arena, slapped a sticker on the DVDs and sold them out of the trunk, the Dogs’d be rich today! Let’s hope they did, because after receiving phenomenal reviews upon its release last year, the promotion and the movie dropped from sight(see "What ever happened to Basketball Man?")


Anonymous said...

So because Bill Self and Pat Summitt make a few comments in your little documentary, that makes it relevant?

Anonymous said...

I bought Basketball Man on Amazon and the DVD was defective.

The movie was shot widescreen but the picture on the DVD is squeezed into a square.

Money back or replacement please.

Anonymous said...

I have the same defect problem on my copy of Basketball Man. No quality check. Anonymous 8:11 AM: The 2 disk set has extended interviews with Summit and Self,

Anonymous said...

You go with low level producers, you get a low level DVD.