Monday, April 07, 2008

Saturday Night Live steals joke from Tabloid Baby

Imagine our surprise while watching Saturday Night Live to see host Christopher Walken break off midsketch to tell an obscure joke that was immortalized on page 361 of Tabloid Baby.

The riddle was reeled off as a non sequitur midway through the "Meet The Family" sketch (above) late in the broadcast. And while there may have been variations of the joke as it's been carried on through the years, one very hip SNL writer took the Tabloid Baby version (attributed in the book to legendary New York City newsman Jim Ryan) verbatim.

The allusion is only the most recent indicator of Tabloid Baby's impact and cultural significance. Thanks to Lorne Michaels, and thanks to SNL, for the tribute!

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but very few people know you exist.