Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our Man Elli fields baseball questions on tour

“Some folks
asked me
baseball in Israel.

They knew
I had written
about it.

I told them the truth,
and we all agreed
it's one big shame.”

Just in time for the first crack of the bat of Major League Baseball’s 2008 season, Tabloid Baby special correspondent and sports editor Our Man Elli in Israel is back in his homeland, the great US of A, for his annual speaking tour of universities, synagogues and Jewish groups, telling firsthand the state of the Israeli nation fielding the occasional baseball question, and along the way, catching as many baseball games he can fit in.

This morning, the man who broke and owns the vitally-important story of professional baseball in Israel checks in from the road:

"I drove on Friday from D.C. to Virginia Beach, where I am now, at the Holiday Inn at 26th Street and Atlantic Avenue. Had a wonderful Shabbat speaking at Temple Emanuel— ”The Synagogue at The Beach”-- a lovely congregation. Told some war stories about my career in journalism l-- the 1979 NYC marathon, changing the name of Hurricane Israel, and the time I spent 24 hours at the Western Wall for a story-- and spoke about the situation in the Middle East on Saturday morning.

“This morning it's ‘The Middle East, The Media and The Message’-- always a favorite conversation when I trash my colleagues in the business. Some folks asked me at lunch yesterday about baseball in Israel. They knew I had written about it. I told them the truth, and we all agreed it's one big shame. It is now April 6th, and we still don't know definitively if there will be baseball in Israel this summer. Stay tuned.

“I hope to go to the Norfolk Tides game this afternoon. I’ll call from there.”


Anonymous said...

Hey Scooper, what's new andy other "kids" inviting you to do lectures about middle east troubles. Are ou really getting paid for that. Like what you are an expert on israeli mentality and the problems and stuff.
Scooper, just between us, rosen is backing out from "being better" than the IBL and now is trying to find a way not to lose.

I heard that some of the players (yeah , get on the phone fast) were called by AW and very urgently wants to have them set up a team

Nate Fish is out , he has already signed with Germany!!!! yeah scooper, let's see you give me the credit on that one , or should I state that you are exactly like Chass:-) HAHAHA

If you want more , and i have more just post on the main site the questions and I will answer , If i feel like it.

you can call me 0007

Anonymous said...

good for nate. he's a good guy and a good ballplayer. where's nate playing in germany?

Anonymous said...

Elli, who the hell needs to know your whereabouts?

Anonymous said...

Scooper (for those of you who haven't been turning in, and i understand why if you haven't, scooper is elli's nickname)
got a nother hot one for you and you can use it as a lead...

Rosen has lost the wine guy (yeah call him and ask him who abarnbenel is) and some other character from Raanana Israel , some smart guy who thinks he is a business man, and they left him hanging (hmmm, sounds like whatgos around comes around hehehehe)yeah yeah you are going to tell me this is old news and that you reproted this already, but you did not report the real reason why they left him hehehehe!!!!!

i would suggest you call rollhaus or maybe gardner and ask them, they know.

Goldklang has been keeping in touch with Rosen and is planning a comeback. He wants to do this either with rosen (does not want to put money in ) or to find another patsy to put up the dough (not larry's bagel dough hehehe)and say that he has made this happen.

you will be surprised of what you will find out. So, scooper, start working and stop being lazy and waiting for the phone calls.....

I think maybe i should start to call you MEE (middle east expert) from now on.

till next time

Anonymous said...

who writes this shit?

Anonymous said...

i dunno
but your readin' it

Anonymous said...

Larry used to write quite well. Now he has resorted to this lousy form of journalism. If you have something to write, Larry, write it on the IBL website which you have not updated in months. Oh ,I forgot , you're not a man.

Anonymous said...

to the guy who thinks this is larry, you must be the dumbest shmuck around.

Anonymous said...

u've summed up elli pretty well