Tuesday, April 29, 2008

¡Viva Eladio! ¡VIVA E-ROD!

Our Man Elli in Israel checks in from Jerusalem on the surprise developments in the New York Yankees organization that could lead to the presence of Eladio "E-Rod" Rodriguez, the Miguel Tejada of the Israel Baseball League, behind the plate for the Yanks' historic last season in the House That Ruth Built (Remember, E-Rod's signing was laughed off as a publicity stunt-- and he never showed up for spring training!

Elli emails:

"I want to point out that E-Rod is the first IBL graduate to make it to Triple A. I don't think there's even one IBL vet in Double A. That's huge. Huge! Larry Baras, of course, must be crowing to all his friends-- both of them (Duquette and Berger-- about how successful the IBL was in getting a player to Triple A. Truth be told, it would never have happened if Posada hadn't gone on the DL, and the Yanks' third-string catcher wasn't released just last Friday-- but what a turn of events!

"That Peter Abraham thinks he'll be in New York soon enough is a stretch, but look at all the crazy self-fulling prophesies that came from the IBL! The way things are going-- it could happen! And THAT would be the living end!

"That's what baseball is all about!"

¡Viva Eladio! ¡VIVA E-ROD!


Anonymous said...

Viva Eladio, or whatever your name really is:

For what it's worth - let's look at the Can-Am League, a pro league in America that has been around since 2004, and was built with teams from other now defunct professional leagues - the Northern League established in 1999, and the CBL which folded in 2004:

They have a total of 7 alumni players in AAA. The IBL with one, and several others playing in other pro leagues including the Frontier and Atlantic League (the equivalent to AA/AAA), I have to say the IBL did a pretty good job talent wise.

Maybe Baras was a mess, but Berger and Duquette did a great job.

Pooper Scooper said...

Pregame notes by Chad Jennings on the SWB blog:

As for tonight's lineups, Eladio Rodriguez is getting the start. If he does well and Chad Moeller clears waivers, I wonder if the Yankees will keep Rodriguez or Jason Brown in Triple-A.

pooper scooper said...

The Bridgeport Bluefish opened up their 2008 season on the road against the Lancaster Barnstormers this past weekend. The Bluefish dropped the first two games of the series but salvaged the finale to earn their first win of the year.

Rafael Bergstrom kept the Barnstormer bats at bay in the series finale, working five innings of two-hit ball only allowing one run while striking out six. This time around it was the Bluefish spoiling a Barnstormer lead late in the game. Bridgeport tied the game when Brian Munhall’s double drove in the first two Bluefish runs. Alex Prieto put the Bluefish up 4-2 with his game winning two-run single off Ricardo Gomez in the ninth. Derek Ellison worked out of a jam in the eighth inning, stranding two Barnstormer base runners, and then threw a perfect ninth for the victory. Ian Bladergroen continued his strong start putting up two hits and an RBI in the loss.

Anonymous said...

Martin....... You need to STOP "patting yourself on the back"! By the way, did you and Dan return the $$$ to the players that tried-out, back in December? You collected about $1,500! Nice work if you can get it, huh? It's NOT Lawyering, but NOT bad for two hours of BS!

Anonymous said...

Hey Martin, Where did all the money from the investors ,ticket sales, donations , merchandise go ?????
Did you pay all the players? The travel agent??? The hostel ,Kfar Hayarok???

Anonymous said...

Hey Tabloid and Scooper,

couldn't take it what i wrote in my last comments , maybe stephen should know you took his name out , he could have been famous as well as another family i mentioned , just to show you I can get to anything as to info.

Heard Rosen is finally out for now.

So if Eladio didn't show up as you indicated , where did they call him "up" from?? again misleading info.

tell the "people" why you took my last comments out. couldn't handle the truth , huh?:-)


0007 not from Haifa!!!!

Pooper Scooper said...

If you think Pooper Scooper is Martin Berger, then you just might be dumb enough to try and start your own baseball league in Israel!

Oh, and I don't work for Tabloid Baby or anyone else, and I certainly can't delete any posts. That's all on Baby!!!

Pooper Scooper said...

Oh, and here is a pat on the back, not for Berger or Duquette, but for Eladio!

Chad Jennings reports:

Really quickly...

Juan Miranda had a big wrap on his right shoulder and said he hurt it swinging at the pitch before the three-run double. No word on whether he'll have to miss more time because of the injury, but obviously that's what forced him out in the third inning.

Also, here's Dan Giese on Eladio Rodriguez: "He's great," Giese said. "Did a great job. Called a good game and had a pretty good day at the plate too."

Zman Biur said...

Not bad - in his first game, Eladio went 1 for 3 with a double and two walks:

Anonymous said...

Pooper Scooper does work for Tabloid Baby, paid or unpaid. TB said so in a previous post on this blog. I detailed it in a comment yesterday, but of course the weaklings at TB deleted it, as they do quite often. Look around this blog, and take note of all the posts with radically inaccurate facts - no comments, right? Riiight...

Anonymous said...

What dull, uninteresting crap.