Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dr. Ruehl takes on the New World Order

For those of you who know Tabloid Baby pal, contributor and columnist Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D. as a benign Mr. Wizard, successful Hollywood actor, UFOlogist, cryptozooologist, anomalyst, legendary cult TV personality and horror & sci fi movie expert, prepare yourself for the dark side of the good Doctor's practice, in his new role as conspiracy expert.

Over at Video Jug, the online library of professionally-produced videos that strives to become an online "encyclopaedia of life," Dr. Ruehl is offering a two-hour conspiracy symposium called "New World Order":

"We live in a world of presidents, queens and dictators. But who really has the power? Some conspiracy theorists believe that a New World Order is upon us - and that Bilderbergs, freemasons, Illuminatis and other shadowy groups may be meeting this very moment to decide your fate. Dr. Franklin Ruehl details the conspiracy theories surrounding the New World Order, so you can decide who you think is calling the shots on the world stage."

The scope of Dr. Ruehl's individual lectures is awesome and frightening:

The Bilderberg Group
Skull and Bones
The Trilateral Commission
New World Order
The Illuminati Freemasons

He also weighs in on 911 conspiracy theories, CIA mind control, assassinations and, of course UFOs-- not always supporting, but explaining it all-- except for the UFOs, which he does believe in.

Which leads us to one conspiracy theory-- one that resonates particularly in this Presidential election year-- we'd like to see the good doctor tackle despite all it inherent controversies:

Who killed Sonny Bono?

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Ruehl, just the Bilderberg coverage is enough to take me over to the theories link. Sonny Bono, I don't know about. I think the tree did it.

TB brought up Johnny Grant, a huge loss, a few days ago. Your take?? DID the landlord do it?

- Fan and reader