Thursday, April 03, 2008

New MySpace page hypes The Seventh Python

The Seventh Python is looking for friends. The movie, that is.

On MySpace, with a new MySpace page at

The site, and the film, are the work of our pals at Frozen Pictures, who announced the new page this morning as as they gear up for the world premiere of the new musical biopic of Monty Python/Rutles/Bonzo Dog Band legend Neil Innes at Martin Lewis' Mods & Rockers Film Festival in June.

The Seventh Python MySpace page has already attracted hundreds of high-profile MySpace "friends," is featuring a crop of exclusive photos, and they're promising exclusive videos, news bulletins and other treats, so we recommend you get on board and friend the Python.

And check out The Seventh Python movie trailer here.


Anonymous said...

"Burt Kearns (Tabloid Baby) formed the production company Frozen Television (later Frozen Pictures) with veteran producer Brett Hudson, formerly of the Hudson Brothers, in 2000." He "directed and produced the 2008 documentary musical film, The Seventh Python... produced by Frozen Pictures and presented by Sean Connors Films, Ltd." - wikipedia

Anonymous said...

Anything else to talk about?

Anonymous said...

Burt works. He produces. That's kinda what producers do. It wastes MY time when I click a link and see, no, not a comment but someone playing Perry Mason. (And I'm not Burt K, so save it.)

Anonymous said...

Burt's pool boy, Burt... doesn't matter. We all know where all the self-serving "anonymous" comments come from.

tabloidbaby said...

Well, they don't come from us, or from Burt!

We can assure you of that!

Anonymous said...

Someone's egging me on to add a link. But would it matter? You'd just claim someone at Tabloid Baby was posting a fake profile.

I'm here, I post. I'm mean and I've never worked in television. Oh yeah... and I'm not your bitch.