Monday, April 14, 2008

Melo's arrest keeps Basketball Man in spotlight!

Carmelo Anthony, the rich young man arrested for suspicion of drunk driving on Interstate 25 in Colorado in the early hours of the morning, is not only a superstar forward for the Denver Nuggets of the NBA-- he's also a star of Basketball Man, the critically-acclaimed ("Great"-- The Kansas City Star) documentary film from our pals at Frozen Pictures.

Just last week, we mentioned that two other stars of the film had made front page news: Bill Self, who coached the University of Kansas Jayhawks to an NCAA title Monday, and Pat Head Summitt, coach of the women's division champs, the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers, were prime sales tools for a two-DVD set that's slipped under the radar!

And now, with Melo in the tabloids, Basketball Man, a movie about the sport's original ideas of clean living and fair play, is more relevant than ever since its release last Spring.

(See a trailer for Basketball Man at the right of this page!)


Anonymous said...

"Critically-acclaimed" by one obscure guy in a Kansas newspaper in an article no longer accessible. You must be proud.

The producers of Basketball Man said...


What's your beef, Bill?

That article's accessible.

And there are lots of other great reviews, from Parade to Maxim to CBS Sports...

If we must say so ourselves... Basketball Man rocks!

Anonymous said...

"The producers of basketball man". Nice. You ARE a producer of Basketball Man, Burt (Tabloid Baby). Stop hiding and be upfront about your shameless self-promotion.