Saturday, April 12, 2008

Israel Baseball League's country cousins strike out

Back in November, we told you about the South Coast League of Professional Baseball, whose error-ridden first season bizarrely mirrored the mistakes of the Israel Baseball League we have paid so much attention to.

Now comes word from headquarters in Macon, Georgia that the South Coast League has gone the way of the IBL-- meaning straight to Hell.

The league announced on its website:

The South Coast League of Professional Baseball will be suspending business operations and postpone the 2008 season indefinitely.

The league made its Inaugural Season debut in 2007 to six markets located in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Most recent plans called for the replacement of one team by a new addition to the league out of Jackson, Mississippi.

Recent developments within the company as well as lengthy discussions with the entire ownership group led to the decision that was handed down to league officials and the markets currently home to the league’s teams.

Like many businesses caught in the economic downturn, the South Coast League has not been able to close on a sufficient amount of debt and equity financing to ensure a successful 2008 season.

The league owners have indicated that they will continue to plan for a possible restart in 2009, possibly under new ownership.

The South Coast League wants to thank the many fans, sponsors, and local leaders who made the 2007 season possible.

Too bad. The South Coast League featured the Macon Music, who'd planned an Eliot Spitzer night on June 13th. The former New York governor was invited to throw the first pitch, and any fan with the name Eliot, Spitzer, or 'Kristen' (the working name of his call girl) would get in for a dollar.

(And a tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to commenter Pooper Scooper, who got us the scoop!)


Anonymous said...

Where is it written that the IBL is not playing in 08?

Anonymous said...

at least they called it quits as opposed to the IBL