Monday, April 28, 2008

I know my kid's a star & my sister's a murder victim

Did anyone notice the bizarre cross-promotion on cable television over the weekend? Tru TV's cookie cutter crime series, Missing Persons Unit, ran an episode Saturday night about how DNA technology helped police in New Jersey solve a ten-year-old missing person case, charging Stephen Alfred Vanderbeek with murdering his wife Cynthia Louise Vanderbeek back in 1995.

Appearing on the Tru TV show was Cynthia's sister, who'd reported her missing. Hey, she looked familiar! She was Sandy DiFranco-- who, with her son Gian, was a contestant on I Know My Kid's A Star on VH1-- until she was kicked off last week!

Small world.

(See a clip of Sandy on the Tru TV series here-- and by the way, I Know My Kid's A Star is a great evil show, and host Danny Bonaduce is powerfully effective-- miles away from his own reality seasons).


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Danny Bonaduce is a brilliant mastermind of creative entertainment. Koff.

Gawker said...


Hey look. A woman from I Know My Kid's a Star, that terrible VH1 show that makes me feel a strange and unsettling rumble from deep in the Earth, was also recently on a truTV show talking about that one time when her sister was murdered. Isn't that hilarious?