Friday, October 12, 2007

Dr. Ruehl stars as skateboarding movie premieres

Skateboarding movies, which usually premiere in board shops to crowds that number in the dozens, have jumped to a whole new level with Nike’s Jackass-meets-Lords of Dogtown motion picture Nothing But The Truth, which is opening with a series of high-profile, big-time premieres around the world, including one this week at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre and on Tuesday, in London.

And guess which performer is getting top billing in the publicity blitz?

You got it! As the headline already gave away, it's Tabloid Baby contributor, pal and nuclear physicist-turned-public access cult figure-turned mainstream actor Dr. Franklin Ruehl, who has a major role!

“I portrayed a movie producer in the film and I was only one of two actors selected for the London trip,” the doctor tells us of his first trip to Blighty. “I will be departing Sunday for arrival Monday and the premiere on Tuesday.

"And I want to take in as much as possible without getting lost!”

See Dr. Ruehl in the trailer above. And stay tuned here for the latest on Dr. Ruehl’s ascent to movie stardom.

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