Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Strasser's lies about Tabloid Baby reverberate

"...Read the "Cover-up! What was TMZ's role in the Indy 4 Theft" entry that was posted Thursday night. At first I found the idea that she was carrying out a hit a little far fetched, but what am I supposed to believe-- that she broke down over a throwaway line of backhanded praise written on September 13th, or that she responded on air to something unfavorable about TMZ written the night before?"
--posting on
The Adam Carolla Show's
Official Message Board
What a time for the Tabloid Baby staff to set off on an office-class teambuilding-spiritual retreat in the mountains high above San Bernardino, which is where we were when reaction began slamming in to our report that Teresa Strasser, who plays a journalist on the execrable Adam Carolla radio show as well as on the TV series based on the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com, had gone on the radio with an inaccuracy-filled attack on us--the day after our report that questioned TMZ's activities in the Indiana Jones theft case.

There's been reaction from colleagues on the TMZ staff, from media professionals and critics-- but first and foremost, among hardcore fans of the Carolla show (as heard on the show's official message board) who do not seem to be fans of the woman they call "T with the V":
"WOW! Someone finally calls Teresa out on her perpetual lies (Brandon the ex-bf, Brusca, what's written about her on the message board, not reading the message board, etc.) I gotta be honest - after hearing her on-air version of the story I wasn't convinced that it was tabloidbaby.com she was talking about because what she was complaining about was so ridiculously different from what was written. I even went to try and figure out who wrote tabloidbaby.com, but it wasn't readily apparent to me that it was the author of the book 'Tabloid Baby', who fit Teresa's description. He's totally on the mark that she distorted and outright lied about what was written to garner yet another pity party."
"...Once again proves Brusca's point how T is "soooooo sensitive" about herself, yet loves to tear into other people.

"She said I woke up this morning and I woke up Batman... and said am I ugly like Rachel Dratch- am I too ugly?' Calling Rachel Dratch ugly? Real nice T. Saying this about anyone is rude but especially a NICE female guest that was just in studio recently. I noticed Adam had a slight pause after she said that- like he wanted to say something... yet he just let it go.

"T is exactly the 'society' Adam was ranting about in America the other day... how snarky and snippy we are loving to point the finger at others. In our little clicks... T goes down as Creep of the Century."
To be fair, the Carolla fans are no fans of Tabloid Baby.

And even our pal, the esteemed Luke Ford, has taken us to task for our criticism of Teresa:
*I’m a longtime Teresa Strasser fan. I think she’s hot and I think her writing rocks...

*Teresa says she cried about Tabloid Baby calling her ugly and saying she has a crooked nose and other such low blows. It’s ridiculous to argue that she was carrying water for anybody when she was just crying from her heart. There was no hit from her on Tabloid Baby. There was no personal attack on its primary author...

*It’s not fair or accurate to describe Teresa’s role on Adam’s show as "a sexual punching bag for Carolla and crew." She reads the news and she mixes it up...

*Teresa is clearly reading nobody’s copy. That’s preposterous. There are no scripted speeches on the Adam Carolla show.* It’s a low blow to keep taking these shots at the looks of women. For my money, Teresa and Sarah Silverman are smoking hot.
We emailed Luke to thank him for taking the time to add his voice to the debate-- and to explain, in part:
"We've no real problems with Teresa. We think she was typecast for TMZ TV because she fits the ethnic/brunette/not too pretty mold so the egomad managing editor/executive producer Harvey Levin-- who made himself the host-- would not look old, waxy, Dillerish in comparison... We don't enjoy Carolla's brand of fratboy anti-immigrant, woman-hating radio humour-- the type of humour that emanates from nerdy sports fan (not sports player) losers who hate beautiful women and blame the downtrodden for their own lost chances. Howard Stern played it masterfully when he was alive. Kimmel and Carolla are lunkhead buffoons and Teri S plays into their game.

But bottom line, she did not have to lie about Tabloid Baby. It was obvious she was firing a volley on behalf of TMZ after my report the previous day..."
Meanwhile, media webhub Fishbowl LA remarks that her "bit about how Tabloid Baby (not that she named the site) was mean about her... is pretty rich, coming from a woman who works for TMZ TV... Even sadder, the fans on the Adam Carolla message boards think she's an idiot as well. Strasser used to have a career. Why did she take either of these jobs?"

But what has Teresa said since? Fill us in. We've been in the mountains, and have returned, more focused, serene, forgiving...


Anonymous said...

Harvey Levin-- who made himself the host-- would not look old, waxy, Dillerish in comparison.

^Haha, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love it!

Me too. ^ Very accurate. And actually, it's not a negative thing to cast that way in Ho'town. Tom Cruise had 1 or 2 actresses replaced for being too tall.

I really enjoy Luke Ford and also like Teresa! But, Luke's writings on his blog show that he experiences women differently. A little um, pornographically maybe. : j

Actually, another woman wouldn't approve of the role Teresa has on either show. But it's a paying gig (a gig's a gig) and she can always use her writing skills in future work. Carolla does objectify women. Unlike Howard, he's just not funny or interesting.

Anonymous said...

This IS unkind, and a low blow and lousy remark. The woman can write and she's won an Emmy. Guys, when you 'pay a compliment' such as this, just realize it's a locker room compliment.

Here's Luke's opinion from his blog, and NOT one a woman finds complimentary:

* Contrary to point six by TB, this is no unkind mention of Strasser — “Someone is doing Teresa Strasser doggie style.”

Just my opinion. You'd never hear, "someone wants to do Jon Stewart doggie style." Please.

Anonymous said...

Low blow? She talks about anal sex experiences, violating guys with strap-ons, and guys masturbating in her living room for a living! We're not talking about Katie Couric here.