Saturday, October 13, 2007

The new star on the Santa Monica Promenade

You know those guys who paint themselves silver and pretend to be statues or robots. This one-- we think his name's Doug-- does a lot more than stand on a pedestal at the outdoor Third Street shopping center as if he's on display outside Caesars. He's a comic actor, in constant motion, reacting to passersby, taking photos with tourists' cameras, pulling faces like the great grandson of Buster Keaton-- and drawing crowds.

The promenade is where you see a lot of acts before they wind up on shows like America's Got Talent. Watch out for Doug (if that's his name) the centurion.


Anonymous said...

That's one crazy gig. Very clever (and he does channel Keaton).

Anonymous said...

when does he debut his Herman Munster tribute?

Someone call Peluso!