Sunday, October 21, 2007

Smoke on the water

The Malibu fires continue to burn though fewer homes and landmarks appear to be in danger. Tabloid Baby pal Michael Linder has contributed vivid reports from various locations in the eye of the firestorm, from the Pepperdine University student shelter to an "Imax view" high in the burning hills. While corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com listed names of celebrities who until now have lived anonymously on Carbon Beach.


Anonymous said...

You can see the smoke from West Hollywood, sitting orange on the horizon like an awkward sunrise.

Vendelascity said...

I used to live in Malibu just past Pepperdine. I've been in Chicago for 12 years now so seeing the coverage of the fires really takes me back to the fires we had in '91 (we had to evacuate twice!) It's surreal to see my former stomping grounds going up in smoke again and makes me very sad.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to insert your competition with TMZ into everything you write? It's really quite annoying to read the words "corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ" in almost every entry on this blog. When you're inserting it into your coverage of a disaster of this magnitude, it only reflects negatively upon Tabloid Baby.

Personally I suspect you are actually jealous of TMZ and its corporate sponsorship, or else you wouldn't be so obsessed with them.