Saturday, October 27, 2007


Another exclusive lost photo from the $10 million bat mitzvah bash that war profiteer David Brooks allegedly bankrolled with embezzled funds. The man whose company allegedly manufactured defective body armour for our troops in Iraq now faces life in prison for fraud and embezzlement, but at least he'll have his memories of the night he was Mister Groyser Tzuleyger.

And later that evening, he was really in the pink:

Wonder if the pimp suit was bulletproof?
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Anonymous said...

Time for a TV movie. Hey, maybe even a straight-to-video with sex, sin and lots of graft.

What a shame for his kids.

Anonymous said...

this is a disgusting site. how low do people go in being peeping toms on people's lives for entertainment. how mean a person writes and edits and compiles all this.Nothing at all funny about this site. You make claims that may not be true. Irresponsible and ruining.l YOU deserve to go to hell. You will. In the process you just might ruin unnecessarily some people's lives and relationships