Thursday, September 20, 2007

TMZ's new low: When Harvey met vagina

Corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com is still trying to recover from the embarrassment after its obviously deliberate misidentification of former Simpson murder trial judge Lance Ito as a chap who condemned OJ Simpson; trying to duck embarrassing publicity over its complicity in buying up and compromising crucial evidence in the latest Simpson case (appearing on CNN, TMZ frontman Harvey Levin disingenuously compared the shady dealings to the purchase of stringer news footage for local news, and if he were in court would have perjured himself when he stated that he wouldn't pay for interviews because "that's wrong"); while the TV version of the site continues to be a camp embarrassment in its second week.

So perhaps it's to overcompensate and distract that TMZ.com continues to disgust with its crude, vulgar and crass writing and story selection. To wit, today's advertisement for a porny perfume, masquerading as a TMZ "news item":
Scent of a Woman
Attention excitement-challenged fellas, if Viagra just won't do the trick, then Vulva Original vaginal scent is the product for you! Eau de Twatlette!

While the, er, hair-raising product is not a perfume for the va-jay-jay, it is an erotic fragrance made to trigger sexual attraction and desire by mimicking the tangy aroma of lady muffin! Chanel No. 69!

According to the makers, you should not swallow Vulva, ingest Vulva or allow Vulva to have contact with your eyes. But isn't that why you'd buy it?
Seriously. That was actually posted on the AOL-Time Warner site today. Is this woman-hating tripe supposed to be funny? Or witty? Or snarky?

More important: Is someone at TMZ profiting from the sales of this alleged product?

Do the AOL/Time-Warner overlords condone or even know about this assault to the sensibilities?

And who is the editor of this website?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

That's some badass ad copy. Wenn is cryptically listed next to the image. I'm not even gonna google to see if that stuff's real.

Maybe Greg Scarnici used it to get in the mood for his shoot, dabbing it around the edge of his weave. They didn't even slip in the word smegma, losers!

Kings Farmer said...

Another reason for A.F.T.R.A. to give its members an Urgent Warning to NOT work for TMZ.

Anonymous said...

Levine is a bigoted, hook-nosed leech!