Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sex at Disneyland?! "Postcoital picture" on display in Minnie Mouse's powder room

We were wandering through Disneyland last night (where do you spend your Wednesday evenings?) when we decided to pay a visit to Minnie Mouse’s house on Neighborhood Drive in the dodgy Toontown, the park’s hip hop section, way in back, literally on the other side of the tracks from the rest of the place. We'd passed through Minnie’s living room and were standing in the powder room when a very interesting picture on the wall caught our collective eye and prompted us to give it a mention:

To our untrained and unbiased eye, it apparently shows a mythical centaur and Disney-created “centaurette” in a state of naked, post-coital bliss.

As in the human counterpart to the aftersex scene, he’s sleeping (Case closed! --Ed.). She, seemingly risen from the "sixty nine" position, covers her breasts modestly while accepting grapes...

...from a cherub who averts his eyes (having flown over the intimate scene...)

Now, Disneyland and Disney art both have their documented share of violence, scariness, descents into Hell and tragic loss of parents— butsex? Displayed in the center of the home where single gal Minnie lives right next door to Mickey?

The Family Vacations Getaways website notes that “…after you… proceed to tour the interior of her house… there are delightful little surprises ‘hidden’ throughout Minnie's house that may bring a grin to your face…” This one triggered a quizzical expression. We’re sure we're offbase, that it’s simply an innocent cel from the controversial Pastoral Symphony section of Fantasia (controversial for its depiction of centaurette nudity and outrageous racist caricature), which depicts a mythical ancient Grecian world, yet in this contextless circumstance, the picture seems to point to nothing but some good wine after satisfying semibeastial sex.

Hey, what do you think? We await word from LA Dodger Jon at Hollywood Thoughts, the authority. And if you happen to stop by Toontown, let us know if they take the picture down...


Anonymous said...

Jeez, Burt this is a production still from the "Pastoral Symphony" sequence of Uncle Walt's "Fantasia" circa 1940. The minotaurs have been dancing all day, you'd be tired too. But the um, castle tower in the poster for "The Little Mermaid" was supposedly revenge for the crackdown on "Betty Boop" in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

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