Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why Jenna Bush and her sister aren't in Iraq

We pass along this photo and sentiment from Rox Populi:

Jenna Bush, daughter of the president, is asked in Time magazine:

If the war in Iraq is so noble, why aren't you and your sister serving our country there?

She replies:

"I understand that point, but there are many ways to serve our country, and I think my skills are better suited for teaching and representing the U.S. in Latin America through UNICEF. I respect the men and women of our country who are over there fighting. It is an unbelievably selfless thing to do. But if people really thought about it, they would know it's not even a practical question."

One Sunday a month or so, we take the kids to the Santa Monica pier.
...and a tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to Roxanne at Rox Populi...


Anonymous said...

Well Burt, Quentin Roosevelt would've been a better example since he was roughly draftable age & KIA-Theodore Jr wasn't supposed to be on the Beach @ Normandie under doctor's orders on account of his health & rank but he insisted on going ashore, with his cane. Stephen E Ambrose "JUNE 6, 1944" D-Day book has great stories how the Normandie invaders were inspired to run into TR Jr. on the beach & took it as a good omen after his father's success on San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, as well as the cousin of the Commander-In-Chief himself

Anonymous said...

Why aren't Al Gore's kids in Iraq? Where's Chelsea? Jenna makes some good points.