Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mark Hudson wrestles The Seventh Python

Tabloid Baby was there at the legendary Whatinthewhatthe studios in Los Angeles as writer-producer Mark Hudson worked on the musical soundtrack for the Neil Innes biopic that our pals at Frozen Pictures are getting ready for the movie circuit.

Along with ace engineer Sami Diament, Mark produced, tweaked, mixed and added some of his trademark background vocals to the landmark concert material featured in The Seventh Python.

Best known as writer and producer for Ringo Starr Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne (he wrote 'Smith's "Living On The Edge"), Mark's laid down tracks in the tiny studio with musicians and legends like Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Brian Wilson, Tom Petty, Sarah Hudson and many others.

The colorful Mark (see photos) first had legions of fans as a member of The Hudson Brothers and is now a favorite in homes across the UK for his rolw on the popular X Factor TV series. He and Neil Innes go "way back," both being intimates of various Beatles, and having performed together at various Beatlefests. "I love Neil. He's a great parodist. You can name any band, any style of music and Neil will come up with a song that's as good as any of them. And funny, too! He's also simply a great songwriter and performer. Neil is the best."

Python's director Burt Kearns had similar words for Mark Hudson's work. "Mark gave us all a lesson in the inner sanctum of rock 'n'roll. He listened to these raw tracks with a smile on his face then jumped right in and spun the raw material into gold-- and all the while, he was spinning stories, taking calls and playing host. He's a wizard, like a Todd Rundgren with a great personality. And hey, he had some great Neil stories. Now we want him in the picture, too!"

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Tasha said...

Bloody marvellous! Mark deserves another Grammy!