Monday, October 29, 2007

Is David Linley the sex-blackmail Royal?

The name of yet another third-string louche British royal is being bandied as the victim of sex-and-drug-video blackmail. Though we'd put early money on the colorful Freddie Windsor, son of the racist Princess Michael of Kent, we've now been handed the name David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley-- aka "David Linley." No, not David Lindley, the former Jackson Browne sideman, but the furniture maker, son of the late Princess Margaret.

Scotland Yard will not name the victim, but it's said that (the married) Linley's name was on the envelope from which an aide spooned cocaine on camera, and the one from whom the aide boasted of having received a sex act. The latest word adds credence to suspicion that this being Britain, sodomy was most likely involved; and this being Britain, if the act didn't involve a satsuma, cat 'o' ninetails, ladies knickers or a paddle, the Royal was probably getting or giving a blowjob.

This photo is on the homepage of Linley's website.

But is it the front door... or back door? Sorry.

FUN FACT: According to his company website, "LINLEY has become known for its imaginative use of wood." We bet.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you're just a "porn-pushing gossip site" rather than a "corporate porn-pushing gossip site"? It sure appears that way.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'd rather read valid trash than Paris-Britney trash. The royals are supposedly class and distinction. Makes for a very weird story.

Skipper said...

Makes you wonder who does the 'french polishing' on the good viscount's furniture (sorry, did I add an 'e')

Butcher said...

C'mon Skip', you added an 'o', mate

buy cialis said...

hahaha i always say that it's dangerous to be famous in any place hahaha.