Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sex tape royal: "I'm innocent (and not gay)!"

The British Royal who was allegedly the target of gay sex tape blackmailers says he's innocent! The royal denies he performed a sex act on a male aide (turns out it was only talked about on tape by a coke-spooning assistant) and told cops he's willing to testify in court.


A courtroom appearance would most likely out the victim as Viscount Linley, AKA David Linley, son of the late Princess Margaret, whose identity is protected by the British legal system, but whom we told you about on Monday-- and whose name British writer Nicholas Davies blurted on Fox News.

In Their Face

Oddly, Davies has not been taken to task by anyone that we know of for revealing the name via phonecall from his home in Surrey, England-- or for his obvious double entendre in calling the alleged blackmailers' plot "a con trick which exploded in their face."

On the royal down-low? Linley with his sis, mum... and wifey: