Saturday, October 06, 2007

Frozen Pictures' Cloud 9 reigns o'er India!

Our pals at Frozen Pictures, deep into the world of Bonzos, Rutles and Flying Circuses as they wrap production on their upcoming feature film musical, The Seventh Python, have surfaced with some exotic news about their first feature film project: Cloud 9, Frozen’s wild and wildly influential sports comedy starring Burt Reynolds, DL Hughley and Gary Busey, has become a big hit in India!

Bollywood giants Shemaroo Entertainment released deluxe DVD and VCD versions of the hilarious beach volleyball comedy a few weeks ago. The launch was accompanied by high-profile giveaways, contests and other promotions, and the movie was praised as a sexy, funny and insightful comedy that stands up for women.

It’s also been compared favorably to a recent Bollywood hit starring one of the biggest stars in Indian cinema, Shahrukh Khan (also known as “King Khan”), as a disgraced captain of the Indian hockey team who decides to coach a female hockey team:

"The story is much akin to our Bollywood ‘Chak De’. A washed out former star, who is in need of money and an ambition to be fulfilled works towards a get rich plan and starts a volleyball team whose players consist of a group of beautiful athletic strippers. Burt Reynolds efforts in forming the world’s sexiest beach volleyball team with the strippers, is seen as a rib tickling comedy. Eventually though as the girls’ popularity swells, they want to win the crowds with their abilities, and not their bodies where these girls team up and play a match against actual volley ball players."

Cloud 9, of course, was written and produced by Frozen Pictures' Brett Hudson and Burt Kearns, along with Albert S. Ruddy, Oscar®-winning producer of The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby.

"We were talking about doing a sequel in Australia called 'Cloud 9 Down Under,'" says producer-writer Kearns. "Maybe we'll take the team to India and do 'Bolly-ball'!"

“I love Indian food,” adds Hudson, trying to curry favor with the new audience.

Sez Shemaroo:
"Shemaroo Entertainment has had a superb experience with their first English title release. The wonderful packaging of Cloud 9 drew a lot of attention from the retail shops. Further, Cloud 9 went ahead with exciting activities that were conducted for the first time in Shemaroo. The movie was released on the Friendship Day wherein Café Coffee Day had a special Cloud 9 Combo in their menu card. Anybody on the friendship day who would order a Cloud 9 Combo would get the exclusive movie Merchandise. On that special day all the Coffee Day outlets had a Cloud 9 Table Mat which contained a SMS contest with Phoney Tunes and the winner would stand a chance a win a Gift hamper.

"The movie Cloud 9 has Burt Reynolds as the lead cast and along with other stars like Ex-Miss USA, Kenya Moore and the internationally acclaimed volleyball star–turned-supermodel Gabrielle Reece and supermodel and the former Playboy Playmate, Angie Everhart, the movie Cloud 9 is worth keeping your eyes glued onto."

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