Monday, September 24, 2007

Hudson Brother embarks on solo tour

It was a month ago that we brought you the exclusive photo of the first Hudson Brothers in twenty years, and only a few days later that we revealed the sudden appearance of a Hudson Brothers MySpace page. Now, we learn that a Hudson Brother solo tour is about to begin. In the grand tradition of Ray Davies, Neil Innes and Frank Sinatra and brother Mark Hudson's Livin' On the Edge tour will take the audience through a rolickin' past and into the future. Find the latest information here and here. Meanwhile, here’s the release on the Mark Hudson solo tour that we’ll bet will include guest shots from Brett and Bill somewhere along the way:
Mark Hudson is the Forrest Gump of Rock & Roll. He was with John Lennon during his famous lost weekend. He was with Led Zeppelin when they tried to set light to Elton John at a party. He was asked by Cher to do something very private that had always eluded her. This is just the beginning. Mark always seemed to be in the room when something historic, funny or just plain unbelievable was occurring.

In "Livin' on the Edge", Mark talks about his experiences with rocks' elite through monologues, funny anecdotes, impersonations and lots of music. The stories will leave you in stitches and the songs will keep playing in your head. His colourful outfits, colourful facial hair and colourful wit will hook you right from the start.

Mark wrote the Grammy winning song "Livin' on the Edge" for Aerosmith. He went on to write a dozen other Aerosmith songs, as well as producing several of their albums. He co-wrote "The Reason" with Carole King which became a huge smash for Celine Dion. He has produced tracks for Ozzy Osbourne, Hanson, Elmopalooza, Ringo Starr, Baha Men and many more.

Mark was the vocal director and backup vocalist for artists such as David Cassidy, Wayne Newton, Cher, Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, Aaron Neville, Harry Nilsson, Hanson, Leif Garrett, Night Ranger and more.

In addition, Mark starred in a Prime Time music/comedy series with his brothers in 1974 entitled "The Hudson Brothers Show." This led to a Saturday morning show entitled, "The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show." Mark's TV career landed him a spot as the band leader on the "Late Show with Joan Rivers" on Fox and most recently on the X Factor in England; a show starring Simon Cowell which also stars Sharon Osbourne. (Mark is known in England as "Weird Beard" for his brightly colored beard.)

Oh and by the way, Mark is also the uncle to Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson!


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I'm taking my kids to this one.

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..... Actually it might be an idea to leave them kids at home for this one......

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