Thursday, July 30, 2009

Retraction: Danny Gans was not treated by Dr. Conrad Murray

We've gotten word from the attorney for Danny Gans' estate, family, DG Entertainment and other affiliated entities that our story, "Did Dr. Conrad Murray provide prescription drugs for Danny Gans?" was "outlandish, defamatory and false" and that we have caused, among other things, severe emotional distress to Danny Gans' family.

As it turns out, Danny Gans did not receive any prescriptions from Dr. Conrad Murray, and, as we reported, Dr. Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff made it clear that Dr. Murray never treated Danny Gans, nor did he have anything to do with Danny Gans' tragic death.

Our report was not malicious and we have always paid respect to Danny Gans' tremendous talents, influence and good works. Tabloid Baby is interested only in getting answers that have not been reported or sought by the Las Vegas news media.

In this case, the "talk around town" that we reported on was obviously inaccurate and our call to the Las Vegas news media to investigate was overshadowed by the publicity surrounding the questions we posed.

We therefore retract the story and apologize to Danny Gans' family and estate and organization.