Friday, May 15, 2009

Cristina's Revenge! Second nomination for canceled Emmy-winning courtroom show

Cristina's Court and its star Cristina Perez won the first-ever Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program last year, even though the category was created so Judge Judy would get a statuette and the hot blonde Cristina's program was only in its second season. Fox stations group boss Roger Ailes rewarded Cristina and crew by canceling the show with the intention of replacing her with a scandalized Republican party political hack who was doing half the ratings with a court show on the CW but also did his bidding on his Fox News and sought the nomination to run for Senate against Hillary Clinton.

Tonight, Cristina's got her revenge, with a second Emmy nomination.

The nominated episode:


2008 Daytime Emmy Winner Looks for Back-to-Back Wins

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2009 – “Cristina’s Court,” hosted by Cristina Perez, was nominated for its second Daytime Emmy. In its debut year, Cristina’s Court became the second highest-rated new show in U.S. syndication. In only its second year, Cristina’s Court won the first-ever Emmy award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Show. Cristina’s Court is poised to once again prove that quality is golden.
Regarding the announcement, Cristina commented, “We are very excited! What a privilege to be named along with the other nominees. I’ve had an opportunity to work with amazing people that brought their personal best everyday to Cristina’s Court. We appreciate the academy’s recognition of that quality hard work. Personally, I am blessed that I’ve been able to make a strong connection with viewers.”

“Cristina’s Court” is executive produced by court veteran Peter Brennan, who launched “Judge Judy” and “Judge Joe Brown.” Peter Brennan stated, “This is wonderful. Cristina is amazing. She brings a special life to each show and has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in all people before her. Her on-air presence, engaging personality, legal expertise and ability to relate to people brought a new dimension to the court genre.”

Cristina is considered an ultimate crossover host, who while being a hip, professional, multicultural woman, always seeks to introduce traditional values into the lives of people young and old. Consequently, she appeals to young and old audiences everywhere. With a passion for law, family and culture, Cristina was the first television judge ever to crossover from Spanish-language to English-language television and previously hosted Telemundo’s highly-rated “La Corte de Familia,” which was one of the highest rated Spanish-language programs in the U.S. She made her television debut with “La Corte Del Pueblo” (“The People’s Court”), on Los Angeles’ KHWY-TV. A 2008 Syndicated Network Television Association survey ranked Cristina second (behind Oprah Winfrey) among adults age 18-34 as the “most trustworthy” host on TV. In the “most influential” category, she is ranked fourth in two separate demographic groups. Cristina is ranked in the top 20 or better in all of the demographics surveyed, proving her ability to transcend gender and age in attracting viewers. Cristina is in development for several fresh, new programming concepts and is writing her second book (Penguin Books) which is expected to be released in early 2010.


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