Friday, May 08, 2009

Libel suit? Las Vegas writer Steve Friess continues attacks on TabloidBaby.com for pursuing leads in death of Danny Gans

Las Vegas Gay Vegas guide writer Steve Friess had an article published in the New York Times yesterday. We wonder if his editors at the stately grey lady know what Steve write on his blogsite about TabloidBaby.com and its contributors after we sent him an email asking simply:

"Why is no one in the Las Vegas media investigating what happened to Danny Gans?"

Here's a sampling of what Steve Friess has called us in print, online, in public-- so far:

Danny Gans hate
beneath contempt
Perez Hilton wanna be
A huge star in your own mind
exploiting people
twisting information for maximum outrage

The lady doth protest a bit too much in this case, wethinks. Why would a journalist who brags of his national credentials and writes features for the New York Times be so defensive and protective-- and become so hysterical-- over the issue of not covering a great story? A story in his own backyard?

The Danny Gans death mystery only deepens-- unfortunately thanks in great part to the corrupt members of the Fourth Estate.

Why are reporters printing spoonfed misinformation?

Why are they not chasing the leads in a story with such economic and social impact in a city battered by the recession?

What is Steve Friess afraid of?

Help us out here.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered that delusional conspiracy theory driven paranoid and fact free rants might be a sign of a need for psychiatric treatment and medication? Yrs., Richard Abowitz


Oh, Richard. Beware. he'll find out you write for the LA Times and go NUTS. Then again, it'll be fun to share some of this vitriol with others. I've asked these people to remove the unauthorized use of photos that do not belong to them and they've (by which I mean the dude in the basement) refused. So that shows you what sort of thing we're dealing with. Someone who steals photos from others and refuses to cease and desist isn't going to know the difference between libel, truth or bamboo shoots. No use responding any further.