Friday, May 22, 2009

The program for Danny Gans' memorial

More than 1,000 friends, fans and colleagues joined in the Encore Theatre on the Las Vegas Strip for music, memories, tears and laughter in the memorial for Danny Gans. Speakers included Gans' boss Steve Wynn and his estranged wife Elaine, Mayor Oscar Goodman (who declared May 21st Danny Gans Day in Las Vegas), pastors Gary Morefield and Benny Perez Donny Osmond and Gans’ children, Andrew, 19, Amy, 16, and Emily, 14.

Said Wynn:

“I marveled at the remarkable ability this man had to entertain.

“The Dalai Lama says, as an observation, if you experience enough of life you will come to the conclusion the only way to live a happy life is to make happiness for other people. I believe that to be true, and I can say with confidence that our friend Danny Gans had a most successful life.”

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