Monday, February 09, 2009

Fox cancels winner of first courtroom series Emmy to make room for Republican politico talking head with scandal-plagued background & worse ratings

We read today that Warner Brothers Television has sold its courtroom strip series, Judge Jeanine Pirro, to the Fox Television Stations for next fall. The show had been running on Fox's CW Daytime lineup, and news isn't earthshaking at all-- until you read between the lines and realize what's been sacrificed to make way for the new arrival.

We've learned that the Fox Television Stations Group has canceled another courtroom strip show to make room for the former Westchester County DA and legal expert on Fox's recently-canceled The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet. They've given the axe to Cristina's Court, the series featuring crossover Latina star and legal eagle Cristina Perez.

Cristina's Court was doing a 1.1 household rating.

Judge Jeanine Pirro has been doing a 0.6 household rating.

Last year, Cristina's Court won the first-ever Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom series-- beating out Judge Judy (for whom the category was carved out).

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican politico.

Cristina Perez is a rare crossover star from the Spanish-speaking Telemundo network, the first Hispanic TV judge to cross over to English-language television.

Jeanine Pirro is the former district attorney for Westchester County whose political career was burdened and often flummoxed by the philandering escapades, mental problems and criminal acts of her now ex-husband, Albert. She was still married to Albert when she announced in 2005 that she would seek the Republican nomination to challenge first-term Senator Hillary Clinton.

Cristina's Court generated buzz with its "Sex on the Bench" ad campaign.

Jeanine Pirro's unsuccessful run as Republican candidate for New York Attorney General was complicated by a federal probe when it was revealed she'd wiretapped her then-husband because of his philandering.

According to the Syndicated Network Television Association, Cristina Perez ranked as one of the most trustworthy and influential syndicated hosts on television, ranking second behind Oprah Winfrey among adults 18 to 34 years old.

Republican adviser and Fox News president Roger Ailes is also chairman of the Fox Stations Group, and calls the shots on what runs on the stations.

Wouldn't it be a nice twist for Cristina's Court to pick up another Emmy?


meg said...

this surly needs research. sometime things of this sort fall thru the cracks, but you can rest assured fox news magazine will get to the bottom of it just as our last post of articles and photos prove on this subject

Anonymous said...

Another write off Rupert? Does he even know what Ailes is doing?

The Westchester News said...

Re: About TV Court Judge Jeanine "Ferris" Pirro

The citizens of Westchester County, New York, say, we only know the dark side of Jeanine Ferris Pirro.  we'd like to add that Pirro is a heartless human being, and all the people who are putting her on a pedestal, shame on you because you know what she is, and in the long run you can't buy Mrs. Pirro ratings, the camera lens does not lie, and sooner or later Jeanine Pirro will run out of network favors, and here is the best, Pirro's bullsh-t will get her to the top, but it's not gonna keep her there.  In the end, it's called Karma, and she has plenty of it here in Westchester County, New York, hum, let's see, she's still under investigation by the FEDS, maybe, her indictment day will come before the her fall premiere.  We look forward to the day she's brought to Justice for corrupting Westchester County Courts, and prosecuting innocent people for her political gain, and in the end she will continue to be a failure with money.  Pandora's Box is wide open in Westchester County, New York.      

Barbara Ricci. Publisher
The Westchester News
914 237-8631

Delfim Heusler said...

pirro should not be on tv, after what she did in westchester county. the county of westchester is still suffering for her damage. i can't wait till i don't her name anymore.

delfim heusler
the yonkers insider

Anonymous said...

The people that don't like the show have the option not to watch it! Give the lady a break she has been through a lot of crap. I think her show is great and she will continue to do well. I bet all the negative comments are from ladies over 50 that wished they look half as good as her. Damn she's hot!

Anonymous said...

Ricci is a sad person that can't admit she belonged in jail. Keep in mind there are not only innocent people in jail, there are guilty people that are let go too. I praise Pirro for being tough and strong. Keep up the good work J.P. you are awesome. Ricci is jealous of you and needs to shut her pie hole.

fearless2968 said...

Jeanine Pirro is a strong person and for some reason people have an issue with that. Great show, great Judge, great person. if you don't like her show don't watch it.

lilkunta said...

Y cancel a show that has higher ratings & won an award? Stupid. JJP should stay on cw where no 1 will watch it bc no 1 watched the show.

I think there was some underhanded thing going on for JP --who always is on fox-- to now have her show be bought by fox.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Pirro is a gargoyle in drag.
She is corrupt. She is a thief who has stolen over 3/4 million dollars for her failed 2006 campaign. She is a bigoted pig (is it any wonder she has a pet pig at home? Yes, she really does). She is a disgrace to the justice system. The only fitting place for her is behind bars with her good buddy Bernard Kerik.

missy said...

wow, is this article ever biased. Many of the statements are just false. She was not plagued by mental illness, Al was depressed not her. jeanine did not wire tap she just spoke loosely about it as any women who is thee victim of infindelity would. Jeanine was NEVER charged with any crime whatsoever. Get the facts before you publish such brubish as they are MANY lies in the article.

Pamela Parrish said...

I am glad she is off the air.. I saw a case that had Chritina and Donald Diamond on her show.. Problem is... They were also on Judge Alex and Judge Judy... Here are the case titles to Each show. He called me a Heifer (JUDGE ALEX) What's Going on? (JUDGE PIRRO) And "Who's Zoomin' Who? on (JUDGE JUDY) Type in JJ Who's zooming Who for that one. All cases are on You Tube.. She is a fraud and shows like her need to be off the air...

Kocolate said...

Really enjoyed her show!! She's a sharp, witty, extremely intelligent and beautiful woman. I don't believe all the hype - most of it is probably due to some form of jealousy!! I will watch her new show "Justice with Jeanine" on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

veJudge Jeanine Pirro is my favorite tv judge she has a beautiful heart she is classy lady I miss her court show and I enjoy watch her new show Justice with Judge Jeanine She was very kind to send autograph pictures to me and my grandfather she is a strong woman