Sunday, May 17, 2009

Disgusted, appalled by Farrah's Story? Blame NBC News. They hijacked it.

Did Farrah's Story on NBC Friday night make you a little queasy? Uncomfortable about the exploitation and exploitative methods? Confused about the validity or effectiveness of the "alternative" treatment she received in Germany?

Thank NBC News for that. They're the ones who took what could have been an historic, agenda-shifting subject and turned it into the equivalent of an Americanized version of a British reality show: in this case, the televised death of Jade Goody.

Farrah Fawcett spent two and a half years videotaping her battle with cancer, from her treatments here in the States, where doctors told her there was nothing else they could do, to Germany, where experimental and cutting-edge treatments cut away her tumours and kept her alive far longer than she would have survived had she done what American doctors told her to do, which was get her affairs in order and die.

We've got an inside track on this story.

Our pals at Frozen Pictures have been working on a documentary project called The Klinik that covers similar ground. Theirs is based on the experience of another Seventies icon, former Hudson Brother and current Frozen partner, writer-producer Brett Hudson, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer back in 2007, and for all intents and purposes has beaten it (though he needs to put on some more weight), most all because of treatments he received at the same "alternative" kliniks where Farrah was helped.

Since it first appeared last summer on The Klinik website, Hudson's blog has become a rallying point for cancer patients across the country. Hudson has bared all, including the painful treatments, the outrageous disparity between pharmaceutical costs here and in Germany, and the treatments that are dismissed out of hand by the American medical establishment but have worked in his and other cases.

Brett Hudson knows Farrah's real story.

A Wing and A Prayer

He was not only treated at the same German kliniks as Farrah, he was there with Farrah. He traveled with her and Alana Stewart through Germany. He was interviewed for Farrah's and Alana's documentary. He didn't make the cut, because the documentary was taken away from them by the sensitive souls-- no make that exploitative hacks-- at NBC News.

Farrah and Alana had wanted to create a film called A Wing and A Prayer. They intended to tell her story in diary form. Early on, while they were filming, there was talk that Hudson and his partner in Frozen Pictures would get involved with the project, but it was put in the hands of a guy named Craig Nevius, who produced Farrah's reality show on the TV Land network. Farrah wanted her film to open with the question of why alternative treatments that were extending her life weren't available in the United States. It was going to be "Farrah's Story."

Then Farrah and Alana made a deal with NBC. They sold their footage for about a million dollars, and then the hacks took over. You can read about the hacks in Tabloid Baby. They're the children of Tom Brokaw, the old "anchorman" whose industry's influence was capsized by tabloid television and only got it back by infiltrating the tabloid television ranks with network news people and, while the new bosses ran the tabloid genre into insignificance, appropriated it with "respectable" imitations like Dateline and 48 Hours and "anchorpeople" like Katie Couric and Matt Lauer (you can read all about it in Tabloid Baby). That's why the only media group impressed with the Farrah special was the corporate porn-pushing gossip site, TMZ.

Money shot

The NBC News producers are the ones who think the way to wring some emotion out of a story is to fill it with tinkly baby-in-the-incubator piano music, lots of slow motion footage and tears. They're the one who let William Shatner-- sorry, that was Ryan O'Neal-- wedge his way into the project and nudge Nevius out (Nevius is suing). Don't blame Farrah for the footage of her shackled son climbing into bed with her when she was close to comatose. That's NBC News going for the money shot.

NBC News.

One look at the credits and the number of producers and camerapeople involved showed that this was not Farrah Fawcett's vanity project. What was to be a documentary treatment, based on Farrah's footage, with the message she wanted to deliver, was hijacked by NBC News.

NBC News is the news division of the television network NBC, a part of NBC Universal, which is majority-owned by General Electric, a multinational techonology conglomerate which deals in everything from nuclear weapons to medical imaging equipment to healthcare, and would have its own connections and reasons to keep a lid on publicizing the progress and cheaper, life-extending alternative treatments available in Germany.


The powerful GE would have its own reasons for portraying the technological advances in Germany as quackery, and showcasing Farrah Fawcett as the modern version of Steve McQueen seeking laetrile thirty years ago. (You were shocked that the movie Network became a reality? That's nothing. 30 Rock is reality.)

The message that Farrah Fawcett wanted foremost in her doco was tacked on to the end like a contract-filler. Brett Hudson writes about it tonight in his blog:

"At the end of the special, Farrah said, 'I have some questions. Like why isn’t there more research done on certain types of cancer? And why doesn’t our health care system embrace alternative treatments that have proven to be successful in other countries?'

"How about these questions, among others:

"Why do some medicines cost five to ten times more in the United States than they do in Germany?

"Why don't we do chemotherapy sensitivity tests here like they do in Germany and other countries?

"And why is the United States of America so far behind in treatment for this horrendous disease?

We'll have to leave it to Hudson and The Klinik to show the real story.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Burt; for being the only one to bring out the sad reality of Farrah's project being "hi-jacked" by those who want to keep the truth buried deep. I hope that those close to Farrah sue them big time....she deserved so much more.

Even though her story was moving, revealing, emotional and eye opening in many good ways......the truth about alternative treatments that WORK was left until the very end of the show....where most people were crying so hard; perhaps didn't even hear her last remarks.

I am proud to be an officer on The Klinik Movie of Brett's....and I will fight unitl my dying breath to bring about changes in this country, in our pharmacutical companies...in our doctors.....to have alternative medicine recognized and validated.

Brett is a Modern Medical Miracle because of his treatments in Germany and in the US.....He is proof that both CAN work hand in hand; and cure this disease.

Wake up America...how many more have to die?????

Teresa said...

I just KNEW this would happen!!

Television has turned into such a corporate controlled and tabloid infested medium! The only thing the powers-that-be could do to protect their interests (and pocketbooks) would be to strip most of the truth from the program and turn it into a tearjerker. Both NBC and GE have such a financial stake in the medical system that they don't dare risk ruffling anyone's feathers!

I have been following Brett's cancer journey since last August and was excited when he first mentioned Farrah's program on his blog. When he didn't mention it again just before the air date, I began to suspect that the focus of the program had changed. I wish that my suspicions had not been correct.

Brett is still alive because he was able to receive timely medical treatment in Germany. I pray he is able to gain enough public attention to get his message out and give many others a chance at surviving cancer.

Marce said...

Here in Argentina, believe it or not, we have advanced treatments for cancer, and lots of alternative treatments that have been proved to cure cancer. On the other hand, some other people, tired of chemo, and radiotherapy, decides the best thing to do is to be in God's hands, and visit a priest healer, Catholic one, mainly one here in Rosario in Argentina, called "Padre Ignacio". People with terminal disease visit him all the time full of hope. Very interesting!

Marce said...

I really wish Farrah could get some alternative cure, or liver transplant or something. I don't think it's her time to "depart"...God bless you, Farrah!

Anonymous said...

Bless Farrah for pursuing the truth- and to hell with those who exploit her. But thats been the story of her life in some ways, hasn't it?
I am now watching a second family member waste away from this disease. I am sick of losing people I love because we can't seem to "find" a cue or prevention method.

Anonymous said...

HI Farrah,

As far as I am concerned you are and always will be in our hearts. I wish you good luck and would like to know, if there is an e-mail address which is check to send you support letters. I only hope this message is getting to you and hope it helps you through your ordeal and brings you encouragement.


Geo. E.

fernando said...

Please, check http://www.garynull.com and let's hope that someone close to Farrah (and with the power to make a decision to do so) decides to give this method a try. I am sure that it will work. Doctors only want to sell chemicals for pharmaceutical companies. No wonder they (doctors) are the greates cause of death in the US, far more than cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Fawcett: More than anything know that many, many people are praying for you in your home state. We pray for your peace of mind, your healing, and for your family and friends.

I had the sense that something about the "Farrah's Story" did not resonate as YOUR VISION. I am so appalled about the hijacking of your project.

Blessing and good wishes to you. I will be sending a donation to have a mass said in your name.

John Koger said...

The medications which cost 10 times more in America and the many treatments which are unavailable in America have a common bond.
This bond is "American Greed" at it's best."American Greed" has brought America and the whole world to it's knees. What does it take for us all to wake up??
Farrah is slowly loosing her life and created a documentary which was designed to get us all to wake up. NBC AND GE's greed are one of the worst examples I have seen to date. GE cannot sell their so called state of the art equipment if the european alternative medicine disclosed to us. The mortgage industry is another example. When you serve the lord and your loerd is money your demise will come quickly. NBC IS IN THE TOILET IN RATINGS AND OVERALL ETHICS.

Anonymous said...

Medical care is big business in the US. Cancer is a major industry. Cure? They will never allow it. There is no money in healthy people who dont need drugs.

My mom has cancer again and I have multiple sclerosis. They have no idea how to help anybody.

NBC is just another business... TV is perhaps the worst of all. Farrah remake your video and sell it online, I'd buy it. I'd want the Farrah version.
Nicole NYC

john koger said...

Farrah's attempt to shed ligt on the truth is very courageous to say nthe least. Ms. Fawcett is full of strength and courage. We all need to say a prayer for her healing.
America has become infested with something which is not only killing Americans but the whole world. This infestation is greed in it's purest form. Greed is why medications cost 10 times more. Greed is why American medicine does not want us to learn about the europeon treatment which are available. Greed is also the reason why over the counter drugs kills more Americans than Cocaine and Heroin combined. I want you to really think about this. When you watch TV tonight count how many drug ads you see. The FDA drug regulation is a failure. This failure is the result of greed. Why do we continue to accept this behavior? What will it take for us to stand up against this behavior?
Would you satnd up with others in a peaceful organized fashion to protest and change this behavior? If we do not all come together and change this greedy cheating behavior ther will be nothing left to stand up for. America's demise is in the process. America's demise is and will be the direct result of greed and it's partners lieing and cheating.
As far as I'm concerned NBC should kiss its pitiful ass goodby. NBC has no integrity. NBC'S propiganda and lies must be stopped.

Marce said...

I've heard about all this as regards health system in US and it really sucks. I live in Argentina and cancer treatment are paid 100% by health insurance, or the public hospitals. There are some alternative treatments for curing cancer and /or making the ill person have a better "ending", I mean, with less pain and suffering. There is "crotoxina" and "Tratammiento Hansi" available in Buenos Aires Argentina. I know people got cured using them.
I wish I could have Farrah's e-mail to send a mail to her saying I'm really praying for her.
God bless you, Farrah!
Marcela - Argentina

Anonymous said...

Farrah, I didn't realize your story wasn't told the way you wanted. But I did get the statement at the end about why alternative treatments aren't available here. You are such a brave inspiring woman! I cried during parts and my heart goes out to you. The Lord brings you to mind from time to time and then I pray for you!
Your friend in Maryland, Rita

Anonymous said...

Hello I just had to write this quickly. I live in germany and saw a report on television about a doctor here I missed the name and area, sorry, but he is very successful in curing cancer through chemotherapy but concentrated only on the area itself, ie, not the whole body. He has cured people that were basically sent home to die, a man with a huge tumor on his leg (basketball size) Perhaps if you contacted your doctor in Germany Ursula Jacob she would know about this and could help you further. I just had to write..and hope you are feeling better and stronger.

Marcela said...

I haven't heard about these alternative treatments in Germany b4. It seems odd, to me, that this is not said in the news.
There must be someone, next to Farrah, to tell her about that treatment.
All my love to Farrah, from Marcela, from Argentina.

TechNoodles said...

Farrah, I pray someone give you this link.... IT IS IMPORTANT and a positive alternative for you...

Anonymous said...

Dearest Farrah,
WOW what an inspiration you are to so many who will have cancer or who are stricken by the terrorist now and to those who have survived it. I can only wish someone like you all the angels, that heaven has to offer to sit on your shoulder every waking moment to help you beat this horrible and scary obsticle. I remember meeting you when you were with Mr. Majors and how I was so impressed byu you. Many who do not know you would think another dingy blonde, which you by far are not. You are a very Brave, intellegent, kind and very giving person . I wish there were more of you in this world because it would be a better place to live. My prayers go out to you and your family and friends, so that you will help others to seek other medical opinions and alternative medicine. You are strong and i admire that. I wish I had an ounce of that strength for the battle that lies ahead of me. What ther future holds you know!!! All my love, Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Brett, I hope you are following this post. I can't wait to see your film. After reading your blog, I think Complimentary therapy is the key word, not alternative.

I also looked up the foundation you mentioned, but don't see that it's active yet.

People with cancer as well as chronic illness are suffering. Those with chronic illnesses are being denied medications that they have taken for years. If you get new insurance, they want you to roll over and pay 100% (mine is $600 to over $1,500 per month) or roll over and take generics; or different medications you've already tried.

We all need to stand together. The message is the same - we're all being screwed the proper care.