Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Curse of The Encore? Whoopi Goldberg walks off during first show in the theatre since the death of Danny Gans

The first show at the Encore Theatre since the death of Danny Gans reportedly ended in chaos last night as Whoopi Goldberg walked off the stage after a medical emergency in the audience-- and never returned.

The story was "twittered" by Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke, who, in a bizarre twist, had gotten a "twittered" from the scene (Gans' former theatre) by Gans' close personal friend Alicia Jacobs, the beauty queen-turned-TV entertainment reporter who was the first media figure to be notified of Gans' sudden death on May 1st, and who's been under fire for her role incovering the story.

Norm delivered three Twitter posts:

* Alicia Jacobs, ent reporter at KVBC-TV, CH3 just Twittered "Whoopi Goldberg walked off stage & didn't finish her show 2night @ ENCORE!"

* "An audience member took ill, ambulance came. Whoopi wallked off stage, never said goodnight. Audience was left a bit blindsided."

* Whoopie's walk-off came in the first show in the Encore Theater since Danny Gans' last show on April 29. Gans died May 1 of unknown causes

At the time of Gans' death at age 52, he was three months into a longterm engagement at the Encore Theatre. Ticket sales were sluggish, and he was said to be unhappy that other acts were being brought in on his dark nights.

After the tragedy, some suggested that the musical impressionist had fallen to the "curse" of the Encore Theatre because his show had followed disappointing, abbreviated engagements by the Broadway shows Avenue Q and Spamalot.

Whoopi's disastrous first night follows that tradition. Larry King and Beyonce will dare take the stage in the coming weeks.

The Encore had been the site of Gans' memorial service on Thursday.

(UPDATE: Norm twitters again: "One attendee just e-mailed me, saying a showgoer appeared to be having a seizure. Another attendee sez Whoopie "DID say goodnight.")



nikki said...

I think it was so rude of Whoopi I don't know what has gotten into her, she seems to have this I am better than the world since the View, she is tacky on that show and just proved she is hopeless after her ignorant exit from the stage, especially as she should've at least shown respect for Danny, May he rest in peace, and also his family who is still grieving, Whoopi wake up the world doesn't revolve around you. Best thing we can all do, I won't go to any movies she might luck into and dang sure won't spend a penny to see her anywhere nor will I watch the View, see we can walk out on you too!!

R-J Guy said...

gosh, i thought you said you ruined steve friess' journalism career. he's in the times today. maybe you're totally delusional and irrelevant after all? that must just KILL you. Loser.

tabloidbaby said...

Note to R-J Guy,

We're sure you know that Steve Friess doesn't allow us to comment on his Las Vegas blog. Do you know he also blocks our email access so we can't respond to his haranguing emails to us?

We have no animosity toward Steve, even though he tried to shut down out site as we pursue the truth in the Danny Gans case.

We have no animosity toward Steve, even though he participated in a conspiracy to spread false rumours about Danny's death at a time of great sadness for Danny's family.

We have no animosity toward Steve even though he called us names, defamed us on his site and played the "gay card," calling us homophobes because we mentioned (and linked to!) his book, Gay Vegas.

We realize Steve had been assigned the Pennsylvania story before he caused the brouhaha. But we also know his Times editors, and know that Steve did himself great harm in their eyes.

To paraphrase another "R-J Guy":

"Reporters cultivate connections with sources that require a casual cordiality, but there's a difference between professional relationships and personal friendships, especially one as strongly and publicly evident as Friess and Jacobs and Gans. Many news outlets discourage it not because it's a guarantee of biased coverage, but because it creates an appearance of potential bias -- readers wondering if a reporter-friend would conceal unflattering or damaging information."

Please, comment away.

You're welcome to say what you like!


The pa assignment was made two days ago when I pitched it upon realizing that I would coincidentally be nearby. And you make it sound like you receive constant emails from me when you say you're being harangued. Yet you've received just one since may 11 when I realized your utter irrelevance and incessant delusionary condition. You've taken up ample space on your own forum to respond. Had you received any more email from me, everyone knows ya would've published that too and taken your poison pen to it as usual. On the other hand, you have been trying to post to my blog sometimes 3 or 4 times a day for weeks now. That is what a rational person would refer to as haranguing.

R-J Guy said...


So it IS true that you've been censoring Tabloid Baby's comments on your blog?

Why ever would you do that?

I wouldn't call it "haranguing" if the poor guy's trying to set the record straight.

You know I've been a big supporter of you, but I noticed a few of my comments didn't make it, either. What's up, girlfriend?

This works both ways, Steve!

R-J Guy said...

I just want to make sure everyone (meaning the 2.5 people reading this) knows that the loser who does this site pretended to be me and posted the prior comment on his own blog. That's a particular level of pathetic, impersonating his own posters in order to make it seem like people care and/or agree with him. And this is someone who thinks he's a credible "journalist"? HAHAHAHAHA.

Hey, while you're doing that, loser, do you stop yourself and think, "Gosh, I'm a really big loser with nothing else to show for my life to be spending my time creating blog posts on my own website and pretending that I'm someone else"? Of course not, because you're scum of the earth and it's not surprising Tom Mitchell hasn't heard of you (it's Tom, not Tim, you moron). If you've been around for 10 years and virtually nobody anywhere in Las Vegas has any idea who you are, that's a pretty sad testament. I do admire your decision to keep going in the face of such futility, though. Boffo to ya.

Even if you go on to claim you didn't impersonate me, it really doesn't matter because *YOU* know you did.

Oh, and by the way, since I'm sure you'll make some issue out of this because you're so predictable: The reason I use the handle R-J Guy is because I work at the R-J and Steve Friess offers excellent, intelligent media criticism of the paper on a regular basis on his blog. I fear for my job if I post by my actual name in such discussions but I like to contribute anyway. Your website has gained absolutely no traction anywhere in Vegas (it's transparent thanks to a little thing called an IP address that you're essentially having a conversation with yourself in your own comments area) is because the Friesster is known here for his willingness to call out even his own friends (including me!) when they commit media sins.

Anyhow, when someone like Steve Friess is being lampooned as a comp queen and conspirator in a media cover-up, the ONLY reaction is to disregard anything else posted here. I'm absolutely certain that Norm didn't even read your stupid shit before he wrote his column. The Encore curse idea is a pretty obvious idea -- the notion was first mentioned two weeks ago on a podcast by ... Steve Friess!

And one more thing. Are you gay? Because there's no other logical explanation for how obsessed you are with Steve's sexuality.

I'm done here, too. I almost dictate your response because you're so predictable and, like Steve, I see it's a waste of time. Buh-bye.

R-J Guy said...

That was NOT R-J Guy!


I just want it on the record that the last commenter who called himself "R-J Guy" was an imposter and not me, who called out my friend Steve Friess in the preceding post.

The fake "R-J Guy" is probably Steve Friess because if you notice in both posts they wrote "ya" instead of "you" and spent most of their time calling people names. And who else would lay so much praise on Steve Friess?

I'm NOT Tabloid Baby. I'm R-J Guy. I don't know who that queen is, but judging from the IP address I'd say it's Ms. Friess herself!

R-J Guy said...

I'M the R-J Guy. Those two guys are phonies. And I think TB is doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that no one has commented on what a terrible show Whoopi presented in the theater. I was in the audience on Friday night. She mainly talked about subjects that were distasteful to a liberal like me and she discussed them for way too long. A couple of people walked out, and I wish I had been brave enough to do the same. Is it entertaining to hear how bad her farts are, how she can't get her butt clean, how her "pudenda" is bald, how bad her menstrual periods get? It was quite disgusting and disturbing. I hope she literally gets her act together.

R-J Guy said...



It's me!

I love Steve Friess, I am his fan, why are you obsessed with gayness and I love Steve!

Don't ya believe the others!