Monday, May 04, 2009

Saint Danny Gans? Las Vegas newscaster refers to late entertainer as "religious leader," perhaps explaining lack of investigation by local news media

"He wowed audiences on the Strip
for 13 years,

but Danny Gans was
much more than an entertainer;

the Las Vegas icon
was also a religious leader
in the community."

--Gerard Ramalho,
weekend anchorman
KVBC-TV News, Las Vegas

Those words by a newscaster on local NBC affiliate KVBC last night may explain why there is a lack of investigative reporting and a less-than-critical view among Las Vegas media regarding the mysterious death of Strip superstar Danny Gans. Gans, the musical impressionist who died in his sleep Friday morning of unexplained causes, is already being venerated as a religious figure, a distinction not achieved by Elvis Presley until a number of years-- not hours-- after his death.

Gans was known to be a Born Again Christian, recorded a Christian album and spoke of his transition from injured ballplayer to Las Vegas superstar in spiritual, religious terms-- and when his close friend, entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs reported Friday on his death, she waved a Bible she said Gans had given to her.

The newscaster who called Gans "a religious leader in the community was speaking of Gans' involvement with the six-year-old megachurch-in-the-making, The Church at South Las Vegas. Gans reportedly had been involved with the church for the past year or so and his funeral is expected to take place there. A message from the church pastor, evangelist Benny Perez, appears on the church website:

We mourn the loss of one of our church family, Danny Gans who went to be with Jesus early this morning.

We are shocked at the tragic, sudden loss of a great husband, father and entertainer.

I ask that all of our church family pray for Danny's family during this most tragic time.

We know that God is the one that can bring comfort to his family and friends.

Pastor Benny Perez
Lead Pastor

Perez, an evangelist who shares Gans' flair for showmanship, is seen above, being interrupted onstage by a demon. Below, he speaks of the miraculous healing of a deformed heart.

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