Monday, May 11, 2009

"Health rumors swirl": Las Vegas media play catch-up in Danny Gans death mystery

After ten days of conspicuous inaction, lack of curiosity and avoidance of pubic speculation, the Las Vegas news media has begun playing catch-up in story of the mysterious death of local superstar headliner Danny Gans.

KVVU-TV News, the local Fox affiliate, reports this morning:

Health Rumors Swirl;
No Official Word On Gans’ Death

"Toxicology reports that could reveal what killed Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans may take several weeks, but rumors are swirling of health problems that plagued the Strip star...

This is the first time that any local news organizations have acknowledged the talk and suspicions that have circulated around town since the legendary Gans passed away on May 1st. Speculation increased this weekend, after Gans' manager Chip Lightman and close friend, entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs suddenly reversed their weeklong stand that they could think of no ailments suffered by the apparently healthy Gans, by stating he was plagued by high blood pressure.

It should be noted that KVVU-TV is the competitor to Jacobs' station, KVBC.

The sudden interest in the story comes after a weekend of attacks on this site by certain Las Vegas media professionals (including efforts to shut down this site), as well as national mention and support of our investigative reportage by respected entertainment journalist Ray Richmond.