Thursday, May 07, 2009

Las Vegas newspaper makes book deal with Danny Gans' manager and family

This morning brings another clue in the mysterious death of Las Vegas headliner Danny Gans-- a clue to why we should not expect the Las Vegas news media to investigate, or even report accurately the facts about how the 52-year-old Born Again Christian, former athlete and "health nut" died suddenly in his bed last Friday morning:

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the city's leading daily newspaper (and the one that did not win a 2009 Pulitzer Prize) has entered into a deal with Gan's manager and family to publish his autobiography.

The deal is reported by the Review-Journal's gossip reporter, Norm Clarke:

"The family of Danny Gans is moving ahead with plans to have his autobiography published next month. "Gans' manager, Chip Lightman, and Review-Journal Publisher Sherman Frederick met on Monday, and 'we're crossing the T's as we move forward on a handshake,' Frederick said. "The R-J is planning a mid-May ad campaign to allow people to reserve copies. "'We are proceeding at a fast pace to have the book printed and available in June,' Frederick said. "Lightman said the book will also be printed as a hard-cover collectors item and hopefully will be available in June. "The book, tentatively titled 'Voices In My Head,' will be published by Stephens Press, a division of Stephens Media, the parent company of the Review-Journal."

The Review-Journal's actions seem to indicate that the Gans moneymaking machine is still running strong, and as in the case of Elvis Presley, the city and its related businesses plan to reap money from him for years to come. The deal also explains why this particular news organization is ignoring the Gans story.

Sig Gissler, take note: The "watchdog" has economic incentive to ignore the truth and "print the legend."

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