Saturday, May 02, 2009

What killed Danny Gans?

The praise and reminiscences continue this morning for Las Vegas headliner Danny Gans, who died suddenly in his sleep yesterday at the age of 52. Gans has been hailed as a Born Again Christian, family man and all-round great guy, but Gans was, after all, human, and something of a mystery even to those within the confines of the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas insiders have whispered to us about longtime suspicions that the former athlete had used steroids or human growth hormones. His facial characteristics had changed to the point that when we saw him on Larry King Live a couple of weeks ago (King's latest wife had been set to perform with Gans last night), we didn't recognize him. And in the end, Danny Gans died too young, and mysteriously.

Now at least one member of the Las Vegas media establishment has dared step beyond the hosannas.

John Katsolimetes writes in the Las Vegas Sun:

"He was said to be an egg-white-favoring health nut, but Gans’ physical appearance started to seem unnatural, his bulk suggesting the use of supplements.

"And he was not always Mr. Sunshine, either. Gans could be biting when dealing with his contemporaries as the competitive spirit of a would-be L.A. Dodger sometimes broke through. A couple of years ago I asked him for comment about fellow impressionist Gordie Brown, who had just opened at The Venetian. Any advice for Gordie? I asked Gans. Through a spokeswoman, he replied: My advice to Gordie is to do something unique and different that the Strip has never seen before. For example, while doing his trademark Garry Shandling impression, have a sad clown walk by while three midgets on pogo sticks juggle pink French poodles on a high wire. I’d also change the name of his show to Cirque du Gordie.'

"...Gans forged a mystique among his fellow Vegas entertainers... that set him apart. Many of his colleagues found him to be something of a mystery..."


Christine said...

That is total B.S. about the changes in Danny's face! I saw him the first time in the mid 80's and most recently in Feb. '09 at Encore.
Perhaps a bit of plastic surgery, so what?
A man who truly loved his family, he dedicated a portion of every show to them.
A humanitarian, church going, kind generous soul.
How often have we heard "Only the good die young?"
Leave his memory alone, respect him, one of the finest entertainers of our time.

Rebeca said...

Sorry to hear that. I don't know much about Danny Gans, but his ubiquitous marketing presence in Las Vegas reflects a very hardworking, likely quite talented, person.

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