Monday, May 18, 2009

Coroner says Danny Gans death verdict "still pending"

The Clark County Coroner's Office is still awaiting results of a toxicology tests to determine what killed Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans at the age of 52. A spokeswoman for the coroner told TabloidBaby.com minutes ago that "results are still pending further studies."

She added:

"Each case is different... depending on how difficult the case is and what the doctor has to study."

When asked if she has heard anything unusual regarding the Gans case, she replied, "Only in the media."

And that would mean us, since the "mainstream" local news media in Las Vegas is sitting out this story out until the official verdict is rendered.

The underground Vegas media-- bloggers and tipsters with their ears to the street-- have been speculating wildly thanks to the news vacuum created by the ones who should be supplying information to a waiting public.

One writes us:

"Talks of Gans being murdered have been all over the place (besides the media) here in Vegas, not that it means it is likely, but being that here in Sin City we tend to get a lot of spouses killing each other, especially the couples who have money-- and it is always done in a sneaky way of course. The common folk just tend to fire a couple of shots.

"Anyways, the mystery keeps growing with Gans and it is kind of hard to pinpoint where it is going to go. You got the possibility that he may have overdosed, had a bad reaction, or offed himself. Now it is not too uncommon for performers like Gans to take steroids. Some major acts have been linked to that such as Mary J Blige. Being that Gans has had some injuries and is constantly performing + being under a lot of pressure him taking steroids is not too far-fetched..."

While that talk is at this point just talk, any verdict other than natural causes is bound to send shockwaves through the entertainment and religious communities-- mostly thnaks to the VEgas media, which, with one exception, has portrayed Gans as a plaster saint, a man without shadpws or fault. That's another way the local news media has failed their constituency-- by not preparing them for the possibility of human frailty.

An invitation-only memorial service is set for Thursday at the Encore Theatre at the Wynn Las Vegas where Gans performed. We'd expect that the coroner won't release a cause of death before then, though anything is possible.

Meanwhile, the arguments that Gans is not a significant story because he is "unknown" beyond the Las Vegas Strip are belied by a look at his Legacy.com page, where seventeen days after his untimely passing, tributes continue to pur in from places as farflung as Texas, Hawaii, Kansas and Maine.

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