Friday, May 01, 2009

Remembering Danny Gans

Word of the untimely passing of Danny Gans has, as would be expected, shocked Las Vegas and show business insiders who know the entertainer and musical impressionist-- whose recent move from his theatre at The Mirage to Steve Wynn's Encore across the Strip made possible Terry Fator's multimillion dollar leap from America's Got Talent-- as the best Vegas-only star since Wayne Newton.

"Danny Gans was a great guy, a real family man, and he gave a hundred percent onstage and in life," says Jerry Peluso, the Las Vegas-based film and television producer and tribute group impresario. "As you can imagine, it's all over the radio this morning. He was set to be onstage at the Encore tonight.

"I remember when I had the (Beatles tribute) Fab Four at the Hilton, Danny showed up with his family but the show was 21 and over, so they wouldn't let his kids in-- and they wouldn't make an exception even for a big star like Danny. So they comped Danny, the wife and kids to Benihana's across the hall. I went over and gave his family Fab Four t-shirts, and told Danny if he ever got a babysitter to come back to the show. He showed up the next night with his wife.

"Danny and I talked about producing a Beatles tribute show on the Strip-- but we were beaten to the punch-- by the Beatles themselves, with Love.

"And Danny really was a great baseball player. I produced a show called Las Vegas Celebrity Secrets for the Travel Channel and Danny told me how he was a ballplayer until someone stepped on his Achilles tendon in a game and ended his career as a baseball player. About two years, later I saw Danny at Cashman Field. It was a week before the season opened for the minor league team and Danny was taking batting practice. He hit about five balls out of the park. I was with Jason Giambi-- pre-steroids-- and Jason said, "Man, that guy really leaves an impression."

Mark Hudson, Tabloid Baby pal and famed rock producer and performer, also commented this morning:

"Danny Gans was one of the greatest performers I've known in my life. I'll miss him not only as an entertainer, but as a friend."


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