Friday, May 22, 2009

The show goes on: Whoopi Goldberg moves into Danny Gans' theatre tonight

The show goes on at the Encore Theatre. Whoopi Goldberg is moving in tonight.

Danny Gans is gone. The memorial service has taken place. And by the time the toxicology report is released by the Las Vegas County Coroner's Office, the results will be an afterthought, of little consequence to the town, an asterisk to a piece of history as relevant as the last casino to be imploded to make way for a skyscraper.

And that's how the power brokers and media elite want it.

And no moss is growing in the Steve Wynn's Encore Theatre, where Gans had begun a longterm, multimillion dollar engagement three months ago, and was struggling with disappointing ticket sales when he was found dead in his bed on May 1st.

Goldberg, the comedian, actress and talk show host will be the first headliner to perform in the Encore Theater since Gans' death.

She performs tonight and Saturday.

Said Goldberg:

“I got a call from Steve (Wynn), who said, ‘Do you want to do the Encore?’ and I said, Sure, yeah.'"

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