Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Danny Gans coverage tale of the tape: Tabloid Baby vs. Las Vegas Review-Journal

Earlier we listed the stories the Las Vegas-Review Journal has published about the mysterious death of Strip superstar Danny Gans. We reprint the list, followed by a listing of the stories Tabloid Baby has posted since receiving word that Danny Gans had died suddenly and mysteriously at age 52.

If you lived in Las Vegas and were looking for information on the top story in town, which source would you seek out?

Las Vegas Review-Journal:
May 01:
Las Vegas entertainer, 52, dies at home;
foul play not suspected

May 01: Entertainers, celebrities offer memories of Gans
May 02: NORM: Gans' final act leaves mystery
May 03: NORM: Gans has final word in life story
May 04: NORM: Gans friends share feelings, memories
May 06: NORM: Mourners gather for Gans' funeral
May 08: NORM: Gans service to be invitation only
(contains retraction of May 02 story)

May 08: EDITORIAL: Danny Gans
May 10: NORM: Heart problems in Gans' family
May 14: NORM: Insurance issue
May 14: MIKE WEATHERFORD: Gans was 'down in the dumps'
before death

May 14: Coroner awaits facts to reveal cause of Gans' death

May 1: Danny Gans
May 1: Remembering Danny Gans
May 1: What killed Danny Gans?
May 1: Danny: What happened?
May 1: Danny, we hardly knew ye
May 1: Curse of The Mirage?
May 2: Photos: The house where Danny Gans died
May 3: Encore website presents touching tribute
to Danny Gans-- but where are the investigative reporters
looking into the facts of his early demise?

May 3: Robin Leach on Danny Gans: "Rumors are rampant"
May 3: "Four a.m. phone call": The woman who was
first to be notified of Danny Gans' death

May 4: Danny Gans texted special friend before death
May 4: Saint Danny Gans? Las Vegas newscaster
refers to late entertainer as "religious leader,"
perhaps explaining lack of investigation by local news media
May 6: Who killed Danny Gans? Who cares?
May 6: Danny Gans sidebar: Sig Gissler can kiss our ass!
May 7: Las Vegas newspaper makes book deal
with Danny Gans' manager and family

May 7: Las Vegas journo: Tabloid Baby coverage
of Danny Gans mystery is "beneath contempt"
May 7: What are they hiding? Las Vegas journo Steve Friess
calls us "a**holes" for asking questions about
the mysterious death of Danny Gans

May 7: Danny Gans' manager Chip Lightman and Steve Wynn
book big stars into his theatre
May 8: The curtain falls on an instant myth:
Danny Gans didn't really close his last show
with eerie, prescient Bobby Darin number

May 8: Libel suit? Las Vegas writer Steve Friess
continues attacks on TabloidBaby.com
for pursuing leads in death of Danny Gans

May 8: Exclusive: Alicia Jacobs speaks to Tabloid Baby
about the life and death of her close friend Danny Gans
May 9: All of a sudden, friends say Danny Gans
had high blood pressure and a history
of heart problems in his family

May 9: The Danny Gans daisy chain:
Steve and Chip and Alicia and Norm and Miles and--

May 10: Please send us a nice photo of Steve Friess
May 10: Danny Gans item: Las Vegas journo's cry for help?
May 10: "Something clearly doesn't smell right":
Ray Richmond of The Hollywood Reporter
writes about "Danny Gans death mystery"

May 11: "Health rumors swirl": Las Vegas media
play catch-up in Danny Gans death mystery

May 11: Finally, the Danny Gans mystery is on the national Radar
May 12: Why was Danny Gans planning his obituary?
May 13: John Birch Society honors Danny Gans
May 13: EXCLUSIVE: Las Vegas Review-Journal won't publish
what it knows about the death of Danny Gans
May 14: Did we force their hand? Las Vegas Review-Journal
goes with two Danny Gans items

May 14: Under scrutiny, Las Vegas Review-Journal
publishes a third story on the Danny Gans case

May 15: Two weeks after the death of Danny Gans,
Las Vegas writer Steven Friess admits he knew
of steroid rumors, confesses to covering up death theories

May 15: Las Vegas writer Steve Friess comes clean,
tries to explain his involvement in sick spreading
of “false rumors” about the death of Danny Gans

May 16: The Las Vegas columnist who suggested
Danny Gans used "supplements" continues to avoid
the subject but returns to the story to crown Gans' successor

May 16: Why no follow-up on the "insurance issue involving
Danny Gans and his deal with Encore at Wynn Las Vegas"?
May 17: The invitation to Danny Gans' memorial
May 17: Danny Gans' final golfing partner was one
of many evangelist pastors surrounding
the Born Again Christian whose father was a Jew

May 18: Coroner says Danny Gans death verdict "still pending”

May 18: Alicia Jacobs' poignant farewell to her friend Danny Gans
May 19: Coroner's office reports great interest
in Danny Gans death mystery--
but not from the local Las Vegas news media

May 19: Major tour group is still selling Danny Gans
May 19: Danny Gans coverage tale of the tape:
Tabloid Baby vs. Las Vegas Review-Journal
May 20: ????


Jennifer Damon, Henderson, NV said...

"If you lived in Las Vegas and were looking for information on the top story in town, which source would you seek out?"

I guess that depends on whether I'm looking for accurate information. If that's my standard, the answer would have to be any place other than this trashy loser site. Sheer quantity does not denote quality, and almost every post you reference is full of lies, obsession, disrespect, innuendo, bigotry, outlandish rumor, bizarre conspiracy speculation, vendetta and reprints of other people's work.

Here's the part where you make up readers who post happy thoughts on your blog, right? Lame. Get a life.

Veggie Gal said...

This quote from the 1978 version of "Heaven Can Wait" seems appropriate to the whole Tabloid Baby/Danny Gans saga:

"The likelihood of one individual being right increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong."

Jennifer Damon, Henderson, NV said...

Dear Veggie Gal: Your IP address is showing that your comment comes from the same computer as your blog. Duh. Thanks for proving me right.

tabloidbaby said...

Thanks for your comments, all! But Jennifer, you're mistaken. We're not associated with "Veggie Gal" and we never write on the comments side unless we identify ourselves... we've got enough of a forum...