Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brett Hudson is in the middle of the fight over Farrah Fawcett's hijacked documentary

Not taking any sides but that of the truth and the knowledge of what his friend Farrah Fawcett intended when she set off to film a documentary about her battle against cancer, Brett Hudson has found himself in the middle of the unseemly brouhaha over the shameless, manipulative, exploitative two-hour Dateline version that aired on NBC Friday night.

Hudson, one of our pals from Frozen Pictures, is a cancer survivor himself, and was filming his own experiences for Frozen's documentary project The Klinik in 2007 when he and Farrah wound up at the same alternative cancer treatment in Germany. Farrah's friend Alana Stewart, who was videotaping Farrah's project, got lots of footage of Farrah and Hudson together, in treatment and on the road through the Alps as the "cancer buddies" traveled among a network of cancer treatment kliniks in the area.

The scenes in which Farrah and Hudson discussed the merits of alternative treatments were cut from the Farrah doco after the footage was sold to NBC and NBC News producers removed the news content-- including Farrah's intention to focus on the difference in quality and cost of cancer treatments in the US and Germany-- and replaced it with interviews with Charlie's Angels actresses and crying shots of Fawcett's on-and-off lover Ryan O'Neal in a mawkish, morbid ratings-grabber called Farrah's Story (a sequel, presumably including Farrah's death and funeral, is in the works).

Hudson has become a cancer activist and something of an expert on alternative cancer therapies through his very popular and crucial Brett's Blog on The Klinik website, is quoted in the New York Post today and is being interviewed by the syndicated infotainment show Extra! this morning.

"The Klinik will tell the story that Farrah wanted to get out there," Hudson told us exclusively. "Why aren't certain treatments available in the States? Why are drugs so expensive here when they're available for pennies on the dollar in Germany and other countries? People are sufferint when they don't have to-- and dying every day-- because of a stranglehold on the American medical system."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Tabloid Baby for being having the guts to let the world know that Farrah's fight is not going to unfought...that NBC will not be able to bury the truth about the hack-job they did on what was to be Farrah's gift to all of us...opening up about her courageous fight against the cancers that have invaded her body.

Thank you, Brett Hudson...thank you for picking up the gauntlet...letting yourself be "put in the middle" of the brouhaha over the shameless, cruel, money grabbing; manipulative way NBC handled your Cancer Buddy's story. If there is ANYONE who can get the truth out there, Brett; it is you. You are a man of honor; a man of compassion; and a man who is loyal to his friends. Brett; you have become our LEADER in this grassroots movement to let this country know the truth about the strangle hold the drug companies have on the American people...the truth about the treatments that our suffering family and friends are being denied; treatments that could possibly save their lives.

Thank you Brett, for putting your "gloves" on to "right" this horrible wrong done to Farrah...and for opening sharing YOUR fight with cancer. I am humbled by you and proud to be your friend.

Your army is here, waiting for instructions from our leader...and we will follow you to the halls of Congress and beyond. I stand in the front lines...NBC, be forwarned...Brett Hudson's army of truth seekers is on your case...you are going down!

God bless you, Brett.....

Peace and Love,
Cheryl Breo