Friday, May 22, 2009

Exclusive: Bombshell evidence against Ryan O'Neal and collaborators in lawsuit over NBC News' Farrah Fawcett special

“This is not about money.
This is not about ego.
This is not about anything but Farrah.
I was entrusted with overseeing
this very personal project.
I want her vision to be seen
and her voice to be heard.
I won't speak about her in the past tense.
She’s not in the past tense."
--Craig J. Nevius, Farrah Fawcett’s documentary partner,
kicked to the curb by Ryan O’Neal

With Tabloid Baby pal Brett Hudson appearing on syndicated television this week (video here) talking about Farrah Fawcett's thwarted intentions with the cancer documentary that was hijacked and turned into a maudlin, morbid celebrity soap by NBC News (well, she did sell them the footage), new attention is being focused on the lawsuit that's hanging over the heads of the imitation tabloid producers and Ryan O'Neal, Farrah's on-again off-again drug- and anger-troubled lover who took the helm of the project and kicked the original producer to the curb.

Craig J. Nevius is suing O'Neal, Farrah's friend and companion in German cancer clinics Alana Stewart, among others, for pushing him out of the project after two years of work and pursuing "their own individual interests contrary to Ms. Fawcett's stated desires."

Bottom line: Farrah wanted to produce a special that tackled the issue of why alternative, and often inexpensive, cancer treatments that work are available in countries like Germany but not in the United States. She and Nevius formed a company to make a film about her journey that was to be based on her home movies and called "A Wing And A Prayer.”

Love Story?

Then, as Farrah’s condition took a turn for the worse late last year, Ryan O'Neal allegedly moved in, started calling the shots, knocked Nevius out of the picture and collaborated with NBC News in cooking up “Farrah’s Story,” which featured the original Charlie’s Angels and O’Neal in the role of crying Charlie and—

Hold on a minute! Why haven’t we haven’t seen any mention of the fact that the title, “Farrah’s Story,” is very reminiscent of O’Neal’s hit film Love Story-- the one from forty years ago, about the Yalie who loses his love to cancer-- which he made reference to specifically in the special, as well as referring to the project as “a love story” in interviews?

O’Neal has taken over Farrah’s affairs and is already helming a sequel, because the NBC special did so well last Friday night, and it would seem that Nevius’ lawsuit is beside the point beyond a payoff.

But there are a couple of surprises here.

"Not about money"

First, Craig Nevius tells Tabloid Baby that he doesn’t want money.

“My motivation? This is not about money. This is not about ego," he insisted today. "This is not about anything but Farrah. I was entrusted with overseeing this very personal project. I want her vision to be seen and her voice to be heard.

“I'm not saying there wasn't anything positive in the program that aired; there was. To a certain extent Farrah has already succeeded in doing what she set out to do: promote a national dialogue about issues related to cancer--even if they weren't all addressed in the program-- and address the privacy issues.

“But Farrah's Story should be just that: Farrah's story.

“I hope Farrah will rally. That’s what motivates everything I say and do with respect to her. I have to operate under the assumption that I still work for— and with-- her. Look, I'm still accountable to her today as if she’s a hundred percent healthy and will be calling me up tomorrow with questions or new ideas. I can't-- and I won't speak about her in the past tense. Because she’s not in the past tense."

Bombshell evidence

There’s some bombshell evidence in this case that could turn this love story into one of the biggest Hollywood Babylon scandals since, well, since Tatum O’Neal accused her father of physical and emotional abuse and claimed she was molested by one of his buddies… since Griffin O’Neal’s father punched out his two front teeth… since Redmond O’Neal was busted with his father for drug possession…

We've got the evidence.

We’ll post it after the holiday weekend, so the story doesn't get lost when no one's paying attention...


NancY said...

Dear Farrah & Ryan and Family .. Many Prays are with you all.I wish you all Peace . Ryan, I have seen you in Love story in Philadelphia on the big sceen . I was just a little girl . I am now 46. I always thought you were so handsome . Great Actor and still are . Farrah beauitful!! always .. You were Real Stars . Bless her with Holy water . I am catholic and praying to the blessed mother. Grant you all Peace ! Lov. Nancy A Tryon.. Penndel Pa

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah and Ryan - please google Dr. Tullio Simpnici in Rome, Italy - He has a 99% cure rate for cancer for 3years running. He is an Oncologist and is banned from the usa - you can buy his book on amazon.com or on his web site - just type in his name Tullio Simonici - it's non-invasive and very inexpensive and the cancer is cured in 3 hours! Our Fda is trying to pressure the Italian Govt to take away his physician license..I hear throug the grape vine that there are 4 hospitals in the U.S. that do his treatment...He only treats stages 3 and 4 cancer...Please contact him through his web site and if you have access to Patrick Swayze - please tell him too! Thank you. Debbie

Anonymous said...

A tribute to Farrah:
from a family member who is now watching a second family member waste away from cancer. We HAVE to find a cure, folks. Farrah is right! And I wish this project would have been her original dream. I thought it strange Ryan suddenly at the helm...
Farrah, I love you. I am sending you strength...

allison said...

Hi Farrah, Have you heard about "RELIV" products? It's a nutrient drink that has had some impressive results with cancer and other diseases...Google product to find out more! I am a stage three (3) colo-rectal cancer surviver. Diagnosis in November 2005 ...w/survival rate of 25%...I have been using reliv since summer 2006. I did the surgery (yes I have a bag (Ileostomy)...and it is much better than the other alernative, I can tell you that!) I have had radiation and chemo and cancer free today.

It repairs at a cellure level...and gives you energy to boot!!! The product is made by the producers of baby formula so their is no danger ...it's just food. I also JUICE my vegges so I can get the extra nutrient my body needs to perform and repair.

It will make you life easier and more fulfilling. Good Luck. I will pray for you, too. Regards, Allison (A chemo buddy

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah & Ryan and Family

Un petit coucou de la France pour vous dire combien je vous aime.

Farrah, tu m'a donné tellement de joie et de bonheur ! J'ai eu la même coiffure que toi dans les 70's
Ne baisses jamais les bras, je prie pour que Dieu te donne le courage de vaincre cette saleté.

Ryan, si beau. A 16 ans, j'étais amoureuse de toi. Transmet lui la force et le courage !

je pense à vous.

BMK said...

Dear Farrah and Family
MY thoughts and prayers are with you and you journey down a dark road. I pray that they find a cure for you so you can live out your day in health and happiness. I can remember you in Charlie's Angels those were the days. I can remember my oldest brother with your swimsuit pin up on his room he thought you were the cat's meow. God Bless you Farrah I hope you fight this

Dennis Schiaroli said...


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starves cancerous tumors in the colon and possibly other areas.

An article written by "Life Extention" Cimetidine (Tagamet®)
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Life extention Magazine

Afriend has used this therepy on my suggestion and it starved the blood supplies to the tumors.

Dennis Schiaroli

Bobbi Kalule said...

I love the fact that Farrah chose to fight the tabloids and those that sell information to these publications. She also chose to make public her life and especially her fight with cancer, not because she is a celebrity, but because she is a woman with a family that chose to stay strong and live each day. Farrah has had many professional and personal accomplishments, for me this story will be the most memorable to me, because of her courage, her fight, and the love to and from her family and friends.

I wish you and your family peace and strength, but remember that God loves you best.

Roland Jenkins said...

To Farrah, You are in our prayers and our hearts. God loves you and will never leave your side.

Roland E. Jenkins, USAF (Ret)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Farrah,
I hope all your wishes get met as far as the production of your powerful story.

Didn't Oprah have Dr. Oz on talking about regrowing your own body parts in a few weeks time? Wouldn't a new liver help give you more time for further treatment? Also didn't Oprah also have on some guy who regrew his lost finger with pig's protien? Whatever works right?

Nothing but good strong love and prayers to you always!
Nicole NYC

steve said...

hi farrah fawcett i saw your report and i am deeply troubled in my spirit but i want to tell you that if you believe what i have written below nothing can stop your healing.
i am 100 percent sure of what i am about to write because i have been there and i am a living witness first of all medical science has given you their report but i want to tell you that there is a different kind of report isaiah 53:1 if only you will believe this.
please consider what i want to say and believe it no matter what else you hear. please i beg you in the name of Jesus ,for th sake of the love of christ read every single word i write here carefully and do not ignore. checkout these links




please don't ignore these videos they are trustworthy.

this man has a healing school and i will advise you to find out about it.forget about the press, humble yourself and go there this is about your life. i have tried my best, it is left for you to believe and receive what God wants to do for you. please do not ignore.

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah and Family, my prayers are with you all, i am a huge fan of you. I always admire all the things you do. If I ever have cancer, I hope I am brave like you. God is watching over you for all the praying you do for yourself. you have such hopes and all of our prayers also. You are still beautiful and always will be. keep up the praying cause it does help. love, Cheryl Sparks...Clinton Twp. MI

corpusgirl said...


Anonymous said...

dear farrah,
wont waste time with the great star stuff(thou u are).i watched farrahs story & i want..no,need to say,"GAL you are a texas woman,strong & resilient.you kick off those high heels,get your boots on & kick this cancer intruder out of your life!!! don't you focus your energy on the disease... FOCUS ON YOU,HEALTHY YOU,now today.not yesterday,not tomorrow.put your faith not in doctors..but in belief! believe your prayers are answered without reservation.remember ask & ye shall receive?pray through the name of your savior Jesus Christ to your heavenly Father asking that he hear your prayer of need,that he heal you,restore you,give thanks in the name of your savior, and when you say amen,you believe with all your heart body mind & soul that your prayer of need has already been answered.live accordingly that your prayer was answered before you asked."In Jesus name Farrah, I pray to our Heavenly Father asking that he heal your body,restore your health,knowing that with God nothing is impossible and my prayer for you has already been answered.In the name of Jesus, Dear Lord,thank you for answering my prayer of need for Farrah, amen.
At this moment your healing has begun.may Gods warring Angels surround you.
from a kindered spirit,

Anonymous said...

Chère Farrah,

J'avais 16 ans en 1976 et j'aurais voulu être vous tellement je vous trouvais belle dans " Drôles de dames ".....
Vous avez toujours fait preuve de beaucoup de courage : quitter une série qui marchait formidablement bien pour tourner des téléfilms défendant la cause des femmes maltraitées dans lesquels votre grand talent d'actrice explosait ...
Aujourd'hui encore lorsque je pense à vous, le mot qui me vient est : COURAGE ; Farrah, vous êtes une grande DAME et ce que vous faites aidera, j'en suis sûre , beaucoup de personnes atteinte du cancer .
Je vous aime beaucoup, ne baissez pas les bras, je vous souhaite beaucoup beaucoup de courage ainsi qu'à Ryan ( qui m'a beaucoup fait pleuré dans Love Story )et à votre famille .
Je vous embrasse bien bien fort de France .

giulia said...

Dear Farrah,
my heart goes out to you and I am praying that you will get better soon.Your strength and courage moved me to tears and taught me to fight my own fight.It was the biggest wake up call ever!you have no idea of what you did for me, I will be grateful forever!!!You have been told how beatiful you are all your life, but I really believe that it is your inner beauty that shines the most.Your friends and loved ones are very priviledged indeed.
Ryan said that you will like to go to Italy, keep on fighting Farrah, you will!Miracles do happen and with the whole world praying for you God will have to grant you one, surely He won't risk loosing all his supporters!!Don't give up, I know you won 't and I will be looking forward to your journey to ROME, too, hoping that I will be able to thank you then.My thoughts are with you always and It makes no difference as it was one of my friends going through this.
Alana, you are so strong and brave too,I am so glad you are there for her.She is going to make it because of you, too!A friend of mine is alive thanks to his will power, and the doctors still can't figure out why because they had no records on cases like his.
I love you, Farrah,
take .Giulia, Rome, ITALY

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah,
Rest assured, your message has been heard.
I don't know if you'll get this email and you might be tired by now of people giving suggestions but I'd feel amiss if I didn't suggest you try Reiki as a compliment to any other treatment you receive. I've experienced healing on myself as well as with others through Reiki treatments. It works with your energy to promote the body's natural healing mechanism. We are all made of energy. Can't hurt and may just help you. Sending you loving, healing prayers.

Michelle said...

Farrah, No one will ever know but you and the millions struck with this terrible disease, what every day is like with cancer. Although I do know how it feels to have cancer hit someone close. My sister was diagnosed with stomach cancer with only days to live. She is now over 6 years cancer free. She had her surgery and initial treatments (chemo and radiation) at St. Lukes Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. (They are affiliated with the Mayo Clinic.) I envy you and pray that you can beat this horrible disease. I have faith you can, so never give up! Much love to you and your family xoxoxox Michelle

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Back off Craig J. Nevius!!! Leave Farrah and your twisted articles out of this. Back off! Get the message. Move on. Bow out gracefully like a gentleman as you are way off track. Don't make this miserable for her family and her beloved fans.

Diane H.
My prayers are with Farrah

georgielangford said...

hi farrah, ryan and all the family: my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. so long as you have faith,love and each other you can beat cancer and do any thing.

with lots of love and best wishes

georgina langford

Amiee, in CA said...

Farrah, you are an amazing woman and are in my prayers and thoughts. Seeing your story, I feel like I know a whole different Farrah. I just wanted you to know that you are in my heart. You have a such a great spirit about you. Love you and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah - I do want to thank you for bringing awareness to your experience, and sharing this very painful and intimate look at your life. My mother was just diagnosed with the same cancer as you - we begin treatment in a few weeks with chemo and radiation. You have given me strength, insight and your family has shown me that we all need to be strong for her - I'm still not sure what to do - other than planning her program, recovery and treatment - but it's the emotions - you have shown me a foreshadowing of what she may be internalizing and so I may be better equipped to be a better caretaker and supporter. I guess it's just always comforting to know that we are not alone. For you, for my mother, for this moment, I am grateful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah, You are an amazing woman. I pray for you everyday you have been my Idol since I saw you in the 70's. Keep your faith in God he will guide you. I love you.

Ryan, please keep your trust in God. Farrah is so lucky to have you by her side. Please let her know there are so many people praying for her. Love, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah,Ryan and Redmond,

I have read the current post for the last few days and many have said what I am about to say. God is on your side!!! Please take the hand of someone who is close by and begin to ask God for your healing in the name of His Son, Jesus your savior. The Bible is God's Word and is alive!! His promises are true!! The Word says, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened for you. These words are for today....trust and believe. Talk to Christ just like you were talking to a friend, because that is exactly what He is. Ask Him into your heart today if you have not already and He will begin a work on you that can only be a miracle!! I am praying for you, wish I were there to pray for you in person. Much love and prayers,

P. Rodriguez

Anonymous said...


I watched your movie today. I like many other people, hope you can find peace within yourself and to hell with the tabloids. I read them, but do not believe all that they write. You, like all other stars deserve the right to privacy and respect. I pray theat you are doing better and that you and your family have peace with in itself. enjoyed watching your movies, and like your favorite, "burning bed", like to watch reruns when they are on television.

Again, love and support to you and yours.

sincerely, Karen

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah and Family,
What an amazing person you are Ms. Farrah. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery. I watched Farrah's Story with tears of course, and I am in awe as to your bravery. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in the lord. I recently had surgery to remove colon cancer. I am at present in recovery from the surgery. I was a stage 2. Found early is what they tell me. So no chemo or radiation. I believe the lord is watching over you and he will touch you and heal your body.. Don't give up. Keep your faith and the know the lord is there for you always. Stay strong, and know that I am praying for you.
Angel Hugs

Anonymous said...

OK So how is it Ryan is suddenly the bad guy ?
Am I missing anything ? I trust with RED locked up and getting treatment for drugs, leaving him of no help for Farrah ,and if Ryan is as I am reading the BIG BAD GUY that by all means someone is seeing that Farrah is being taken well care of. To care for an ill person is very time consuming, yet a cancer patient is so very deep with so many different stages of care-I saw Ryan as a very caring torn man in this FARRAHS STORY- So what has suddenly happened ?

Anonymous said...

It's not so much that something "suddenly" happened, I think what mr. Nevius is trying to say is that Ryan did what he probably always does, took over and Alana became greedy and realized this puts her back in the spotlight. How is Farrah going to protest? They have her all drugged up where she is so out of it, her perception as to what is going on is so beyond any of this because she's fighting for her life. To hear that Ryan has moved in her house with her, well, it conures up a lot of feelings because on the one hand he has been her life partner all these years and that's got to count for something, but at the same time, she never married him and that says an awful lot, but they are close and in this case, unfortunately with her sister and her mother gone and her father being what 90+ years old, who is really there to look after Farrahs interest...well guess who...Ryan O'Neal. So what are you going to possibly do? Things always get crazy having to do with death and dying. I just want Farrah to get through this ok. I think Mr. Nevius should back off and make his own documentary with what he has, that way her story gets out there with his and her vision, but without Ryan and Alana being involved. I wonder why mr. Nevius gave up the material to Ryan, I would have gotten an attorney and stonewalled him.

Andi said...

Dear Farrah,
My heart goes out to you. You are a beautiful person. I know many people are praying for you. Peace be with you. Andi Austin,TX.

Anonymous said...

I m 40 an live in france. Farrah has always been an icone and it s hard to see that in her own country insted of leaving her tryink to fight against the desease with the ones she loves, a battle of money or something else is happening around her...such a shame...do these pepople know what cancer is?do they respect her?she needs love...only love...caroline

Anonymous said...

Dear FARRAH, I have always admired your Beauty which is beyond compare. You became even more beautiful when your story aired on television. You showed strength and courage to let people understand more about what happens in dealing & trying to treat cancer. You made me appreciate the little things in life that we all tend to take for granted. My prayers are with you and yes, BEAUTIFUL describes you completely. Thank you for showing your inner side. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I want you to know that I am '51 yrs. old' and cancer has been in our family, also. We never know what lies ahead of us, but thank you again for enlightening the world of treatments that are available in other countries(Germany), and what we may all go through. You are definitely an ANGEL sent from above to TEACH and COMFORT us all.......Prayers to you & your FAMILY.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Farrah; and
Her fight to live, get her life back, and bring awareness to alternative treatment, this is an incredible story, one that I will never forget.

I have a nagging feeling that Ryan is up to something that serves only his best interest and his bottom line. Ryan, I know you and Farrah have a history together, but it was rocky at best. I hope you are not using Farrah. I just don't believe you are for real.

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah & Ryan and Family,

The psot from Debbie is correct. Please look into Dr. Simpnici. They confiscated the equipment that Royal Rife was using to cure cancer (killing cancer cells with certain vibrations, while leaving others intact)many years ago. Greed has cause the horrible suffering of many people. It is not conventional, but it does work and people need to start to hear about this and know that money is the only thing stopping the masses from realizeing that cancer can be treated in a way that allows the body to heal, rather than hurting the body so much that it dies from the treatment more than from the cancer cells themselves. My prayers are with you. Please look into this!!

Anonymous said...

Il faut se battre farrah, ne jamais baisser les bras !

Je vous aime !

meshelly said...

Hello Farrah, I want you to know I greatly admire your strength and courange. I just witnessed my Aunt go through breast cancer for 8years and that doesn't count the years it was growning and us not knowing. I hope you get to read this, I really do. Just hang in there, this was the ticket God gave you in life and he only gives you what you can handle. I know it's hard and you're in pain but please do me a favor and ignore any of this other crap that is going on as far as tabloids and accusations of people being unfair and such. I really wish I knew why people seem to fight when we need each other the most. I also want to bless your son. I completely understand what he is going through right now first handedly. I was addicted to Oxycontin and I didn't ask for it either never heard of it until the doctor said here this will work. And it worked really hard at messing my life up myself. I wasn't told any reprecutions until one day the pharmacist said something to me like "This is not very good for you" you are awfully young to be taking this medication yadda yadda, then I started to realize that I couldn't just go without it. So I signed myself into rehab. I made it 2 years then I hurt myself and slipped for a little while, until the slips got farther and farther apart and now i'm doing well. Well I really feel for you, your family seems very similar to mine (minus the fame)LOL but I know that come's with it's own crap too lol. I love you very much and you are in my prayers along with your whole family. Please tell Red to hang in there to and don't think he's cured either because addiction is a disease that will never go away neither. God Bless You!! and Love you very much!!
Michelle Fitch goomba98@yahoo.com
If you ever need someone to talk to, even Red can contact me for support also.

Randal Bridges said...

My Dearest Farrah, Your documentary touched my heart. I have lost my parents to cancer, so cancer has burned a hole in my life and heart. I have loved you since "Charlie's Angels" and have followed your career every since. I think after watching your story, I feel I know the real Farrah. I think you are a courageous strong sweet Lady. I pray to hear the news that you are in remission or are cured of this horrible disease. I wish I could give you a new cancer free body. I wish I could free Redmond so he could be by your side. I also wish you love. Farrah, Thank You for always giving your best in your acting career to us, your fans. Much Love & Respect To You, Our "Angel", Randy

Anonymous said...

Dearest Farrah,

I will not waste this precious space with small talk...but to deliver something powerfull to your door!

Three things you can do!

Find a doctor who practices cancer
killing oxygen therapy H202.. you can read all about it through Madison Cavanaghs book (one minute cure)..the one they tried to ban!!
We wonder why!!

Secondly mind power!
Everytime you eat an apple believe that apple is taking out cancer as it leaves your body!
(Not an old wives tale)

Have you heard of the medicine room?
My friends 3yld daughter was dying of myloid cancer.. when i told her about this..she is now 15 and the only survivor of the 6 children on her ward??

The medicine room is the place you go when completely alone..
Close your eyes and imagine walking down a long white corridor.
in your hand is a key.. it is your key.. it unlocks your door..no-one else can enter but you.
Now find your door and go inside..lock it behind you..
This is your most private place..this is your medicine room! you can have what ever pleases your heart in here.. and what makes you feel good..
Against the wall is a cabinet..your medicine cabinet..
inside is everything you need to make you well..all you have to do is take what you need..pill medicine..then from the crystal well in the corner.. take a glass of bubbling spring water to wash it down..feel it tingling and cleansing as you drink..then go lie on your couch or bed..
which is under the window of mauve light..feel it coming through onto your body and healing as it washes up and down..really feel this..you will probably be asleep by now as you have just entered the healing realms.
The little girl told her mum..
the nurses in the medicine room said she was going to be alright!!

Who said there were any nurses??

Thought are living things Farrah..
think it, feel it, know it to be so.
Somebody else must really want you to live as we all do..fighter fight! you have just been shown a key!

Much love psylite xx

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed on Farrah's website the latest news? Whoever is running the website, (being Lott or Craig), are now asking for fans to 'HELP PAY FOR FARRAH'S MEDICAL EXPENSES'!!!

I'm sorry, BUT this doesn't sound right AT ALL!!!!!

What? Farrah's broke now??? OR are people trying to make a profit off of her with the excuse of her illness??

I don't know, BUT I was supporting Craig and Lott these past few months, BUT this has got me questioning them! It doesn't mean that Ryan O'Neal or Alana Stewart are 'off the hook' with me. I still don't trust them!

So I'm urging fans DO NOT TRUST ANYONE OF THESE PEOPLE .... SOMETHING DOESN'T SEEM RIGHT! I now think that fans are being taken advantage of!


psylite said...

Hi sweetie,

I wrote you a very long letter on here last night..took me ages.. and i was quite satisfied that the message had gone.. but where is it i wonder? Funny how things which have spiritual impact often go astray is it not?
Well that has made me even more determined to get to you!

In short here's what you can do for you!

Firstly the drugs you are being given are killing your bodys natural defence system..swop it for 35%food grade H2o2 in-depth details can be found in Madison Cavanaughs (1 minute cure)!
The book they tried to ban! why cos it works! proven and they have known about it for years!
You will be so angry you will spit!

Whilst using this natural defence
which i hope you do try..please..

Go to David Ickes website to find out what is going on and why?
Prepare to spit twice!

Love you lady..and you will beat this! cos i just said you will!xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Farrah and friends,

Please take a look at the book written by Bruce Fife, N.D., C.N. titled "The Coconut Oil Miracle". Coconut oil has many healing properties and amazing health benefits. I wish you a complete recovery.

Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Farrah, I am praying for you. I only want to say is that Jesus Christ is the only way to God no one else. When you pray go to Jesus he is the only one that can help you. Do not give up, give your life to Jesus and may his will be done in your life.