Sunday, May 03, 2009

Encore website presents touching tribute to Danny Gans-- but where are the investigative reporters looking into the facts of his early demise?

The website for Steve Wynn's Encore resort has a fine tribute to its late headliner Danny Gans. It's part of his performance of Bobby Darin's The Curtain Falls, which was the last song he sang onstage and has already become part of the instant Danny Gans mythology, because Vegas headlining showman Darin died at the young age of 37 and Gans closed his show most nights with a tribute to the Apollo theatre, not a song that so eerily buttons a career and life:

"'Your cheers and laughter will linger after
They've torn down these dusty walls

People say I was made for this

Nothin' else would I trade for this

And just think I get paid for this ...'

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen and God love you."

All well and good. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas newspapers and national gossip and magazine media continue to troll for star tributes to the Vegas-only star, while none has yet published a follow-up on the breaking news story.

Clean-living, drug-shunning, non-smoking family man, Christian, athlete and mystery Danny Gans died suddenly in his sleep in the bedroom of his Nevada mansion. He'd reportedly gone to bed in the afternoon and was discovered lifeless by his wife at 3 a.m.

He was 52 and reportedly "strong as an ox."

Did God take Danny Gans early to bring his musical impressions-- including a Jimmy Stewart-Kermit The Frog duet-- to Heaven? Or was it something more newsworthy that killed Danny Gans?

This morning, there's a news vacuum regarding the death of Danny Gans-- which is odd, considering the talk around town.

If we were running Las Vegas newspapers we'd be running fresh stories on Day Three.

(Hey, maybe they can begin with the opening lines of The Curtain Falls: "Off comes the makeup, Off comes the clown's disguise...")

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Anonymous said...

I attended Danny Ganz last show on April 29th at the Encore Hotel. He did not preform "The Curtin Falls".