Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brett Hudson's Beatles Fest cancer remarks spark international response, makings of a movement

Brett Hudson's surprise, emotional discourse on his fight against cancer last weekend at the NY Metro Fest for Beatles Fans continues to resonate throughout the world, as hundreds of victims, relatives, professionals and fans have contacted him and his related businesses, offering to help his cause.

The popstar-turned-producer was at The Beatles Fest to perform and meet fan in his role as a former member of The Hudson Brothers, as well as to present The Seventh Python, the Neil Innes biopic he produced with his Frozen Pictures. It was during a Q&A on the making of the film that he announced Frozen's next project is The Klinik, a film that uses his own battle against throat cancer-- and his treatment at alternative treatment centers in Germany-- as a starting point for revealing alternative and experimental treatments and therapies, and exposing the American medical system that denies patients such protocols.

Hudson's remarks-- and his announcement that he's starting a foundation to give others access to the choices-- sent an electric jolt-- and a bracing shot of reality-- through the fan convention, that drew thousands to celebrate the music and legacy of The Beatles. As word spread through the Crowne Plaza Hotel and beyond, it's generated offers of donations and thousands of hits on The Klinik website, where "Brett's Blog" (currently down for maintenance) has already been a major gathering point.

"It was great to see you in Jersey! I'm so happy to see you filled with energy and enthusiasm. It was also great to hear you talk about your fight against throat cancer and how you have become a survivor. People have to be aware of their options, not just the ones offered by their American doctors. If you decide to document your crusade against cancer and would like any assistance with videotaping or video editing, do not hesitate to contact me..."

"you are truly an amazing man........ BLESS YOU"

The sole negative reaction was recorded hours after Hudson's lecture, by an attendee who wrote on The Examiner website:

"...Hudson spent a goodly amount of his Sunday forum session... sharing his stories of cancer survival and his battles with the U.S. healthcare system. Without sounding unsympathetic to his personal plight, it was an inappropriate diversion from the festivities to say the very least."

Occasional Tabloid Baby contributor Sam Peters, who attended the forum session and sent us the earliest, excited reports about the positive response, reacted this morning:

"The guy what wrote that? I heard Neil Innes sing his theme song when they showed The Seventh Python: How Sweet To Be An Idiot!" Peters told us when roused this morning. "Here's a little tip to that schnook. Don't write about things you're not smart enough to comprehend. I was there and Hudson's talk was a lot more appropriate than playing Cars songs on the ukulele-- no offense to the great musician Gregg Hawkes who did so. Cancer has killed as many Beatles as crazed gunmen. George Harrison died of the same cancer that Hudson's beat. Paul McCartney would never have got tied up with that one-legged ex-hooker if his beloved Linda hadn't died of cancer. Ringo's ex died of leukemia.

"You think that was inappropriate? Hudson made the Beatles Fest relevant to today. The guy that wrote that? I know where his head is. And he should get a little help from his friends to pull it out!"

Whew. Then there were the notes of support:

"I can honestly say that I would not be here today had I not had the escape that was The Hudson Brothers...My daughter is healthy and happy...I am physically healthy and have insurance that is so far cooperating with helping me stay emotionally healthy. I am not only inspired by your strength and fortitude, but I am inspired by the countless Americans who have to endure the sub-par medical care we have in our country. You are right, politicians and government cannot fix this FUBAR system... we have to do it... I will join any group, write to any congressman and do whatever I can in my power to make sure everyone and their brother sees the klinik movie so change can start to happen. When your movie is complete and people start to see it there will be a revolution. Bravo! If I can help in getting even one more person to see it then might not have, then I will be on my way to paying my debt to you..."

"I hope all is well with you, and that you are on your way to feeling more energetic and healthy. Your blogs happen to be in perfect timing with what I am teaching in Pharmacology. I just finished discussing the fentanyl 'transmucosal' narcotics (lollipops!). I hope you don't mind, but I showed the students the photo of your neck, and the images of you in the mask. I heard a couple of audible gasps when I showed the photos..."

"YOU AMAZE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, Brett, I can hardly believe that you were at the NY Beatles Fest. Wow! You are a 'soldier/trooper' for sure! I viewed many of the pics, videos, your blog, the Tabloid Baby write-up that you had, and was so proud of you for speaking up for what you believe in!! So good to see your SMILING FACE. Brother, I don't know how you have done it and continue to do it! You are ONE SPECIAL PERSON!"

"There seem to be so many people that have no integrity, have no conscience, have no heart and will lie as they are looking right at you. Then you meet people or others you know do something so good and sometimes so unexpected that it somehow makes it all okay. Those moments bring tears of gratitude to my eyes..."

Reached this morning, Hudson confirms that he's been "overwhelmed" by responses on various platforms including Facebook, MySpace, websites, email and telephone.

"All the personal praise is very flattering-- but this is not about me," he again insisted. "This is about saving lives and giving people who need financial help the same opportunity I had. Giving them the opportunity to go where they they will get the best treatment for their illness. I'll get the word out when the time's right to support this cause-- if not by donation but in their hearts.

"Most important: speak out! It's also important to simply spread the word!"


Cheryl Breo said...

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVISIMO for writing about the amazing, touching, emotional, informative Q&A at the NJ Fest. I was there; and I knew the story of Brett's journey with cancer...but the reaction of the fans who were hearing the story for the first time was overwhelming.
Several times, Brett tried to take the focus of the forum off of himself; but the fans would not let him....continuing to ask him questions about his treatments; share stories of their own or a loved ones battle with this insidious disease....causing many tears to be shed in that room that afternoon. It was like Brett opened a door for the audience; most whose lives have been affected by cancer in one way or another; but until that moment had felt uncomfortable talking about it...but Brett Hudson; by a simple Q&A sesssion; validated their pain, their fear; their frustration....he let the fresh air of hope flow through that room.
Personally; I will devote my life to the fight of dragging this country's dark ages approach to cancer and so many other diseases into the 21st century...breaking the hold the pharmaceutical companies have on our medical system. No person should be allowed to die, having been denied alternative treatments; as a CEO fattens his bank account.
Brett Hudson....you are a Modern Medical Miracle...and I shall carry your banner and help you fight the fight...I am humbled by your courage, honesty and humility.

Lorraine said...

I would like to see this movie. When I saw his pics on The Kliniks' website.. I just cried at the sight of poor Brett! I've been a Hudson fan for yrs and now I'm happy he's feeling better.