Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel's agent takes the words right out of our mouth

embarrassment = embarrassed
shame = ashamed
no excuses = inexcusable

It seems that Mel Gibson’s camp has been keeping an eye on our site and taken a pointer or two from our common sense view of his sordid early morning of infamy.

The New York Times reports today that in a phone interview, “Mr. Gibson’s agent Ed Limato of International Creative Management, described Mr. Gibson as embarrassed and ashamed, and said: ‘He obviously has a problem, and he’s doing everything he can to make amends. The other night was inexcusable.’”

On Saturday, we wrote:

No excuses for Mel Gibson....

“Considering Mel Gibson's upbringing, controversy, religiosity, Catholic guilt and apparent inner rage, it is very possible that he did indeed come to his senses with a deep sense of embarrassment and shame."

Ha! We've taken a bit of heat from some of our closest friends, competitors, colleagues and contributors for being perceived as, in the words of one, “way too apologetic towards/sympathetic of Gibson.”

Hey, we try to not kick 'em when they're down. We've spent too much time in too many bars, heard too many things best forgotten by morning, and been grateful that at least one of our evenings was not recorded by a stenographing, videotaping deputy (while our mates wish that notes from their nights weren't recorded on cocktail napkins by one of ther own).

And a look at Gibson's eyes in the photos of his fateful night should strike a chord in the heart of anyone who's dealt with a rehab candidate in the family.

But in light of today's New York Times, maybe you all have a point!

Now Ed, about Sugar Tits...

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